How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen to Make A video

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Making screencasts on iPad and iPhone could come in very handy if you need to share something with your friends, with your peers and more. For people who intend to show demos of apps, setting changes, or stuff like that, this feature would be very handy which explains why people always ask how to record iPhone screen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app right from the App Store which can record video on the iPhone or iPad as you work on it. The feature is highly required by people who make demo videos, how-to screencasts for tutorials etc. Recording the video in the traditional method is often problematic because the iPhone or iPad’s display isn’t as clear as one wants.

There are two apps which help you record the iPhone or iPad screen. These are cydia tweaks so you will need a jailbroken iPad or iPhone. We’ve already posted about jailbreaking iPhone and iPad running various iOS versions. Let’s start with the apps!

How to Record iPhone Screen / How to Record iPad Screen

1. Display Recorder

Display Recorder is the most famous app for recording videos of iPad / iPhone screen. It’s been here for several years now with some major updates adding great functionality to the app. This again is a Cydia tweak so you will need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to install it.
The Display Recorder app offers you the ability to record videos instantly, and then share them via YouTube, save the high-quality movie file to your system and lots of other options.

The app is available for $ 4.99 on Cydia. It supports HQ video codecs like H.264/AVI etc.

2. iDemo

iDemo is a popular software for making iPhone demo videos. It runs on both Mac OS X and Windows. iDemo has a special feature. It streams the video that it records straight to the desktop. The real-time streaming of the recorded video (or the video that is being recorded) happens via WiFi or USB.

It is a simple and perfect app for recording the iPad screen or the iPhone screen real-time.
There’s a demo version available so you can try it out for free.

It runs only after you’ve installed ScreenSplitr installed (or DisplayRecorder).
The full version is proposed for about $ 19.99 which is a tad higher.


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