How to Print Out Driving Directions From the Maps App

The holiday season is always a joyful experience for people who love to enjoy having a time out from their busy schedule. Vacations are perhaps the best way to enjoy time with family and that too with when places which are new. But there persists a problem in form of unknown roads for which the iPhone Map App serves the right purpose. The iPhone Map App ensures that the quickest possible route to the place is displayed within seconds in electronic form.

What pleases the people more is the availability of a hard copy of such Map which can allow the driver to have a better view of the roads in the map. Now one must be wondering that how to print out driving directions from the Maps app? Well, with the new technology, everything is possible. There are basically two requirements for such purpose:

  • iPhone
  • A printer which carries out air print function.

Now to start with the task to print out driving directions from the Map App, one must consider the following steps:

  • The Map option needs to be opened and the essentials of the beginning position and the destination shall be fed into it.
  • Once these positions have been duly entered, the route button needs to be tapped which will make a research of the best possible way to reach the destination.
  • After making an assessment, the route shall automatically be displayed on the iPhone.
  • After getting the most appropriate route, tap on the icon of a curled page which lies on the bottom right hand corner for getting the option to print the same.
  • After making a tap, a new page opens up and provides the users with the option of print. The print option needs to be tapped then.
  • Lastly, the printer needs to be selected along with the number of copies that are required to be printed out and then finally tap ‘print’

This would result into quick print outs of the Maps that were generated in the Map App of the iPhone. Thus, we find yet another interesting feature of the iPhone whereby one can print out driving directions from the maps app and make certain things in life lesser complicated and easier to perform. iPhone is always innovation in its approach and provides simple solutions for the most complicated issues in life which serves mankind.


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