How to Mark Multiple Emails as Read or Unread in iOS 5?

Apple has always been in the limelight for the introducing things with a different perspective. With growing popularity of Apple over these years, it has become really essential for the people to know Apple to the core and get used to it. The earlier launch of the iOS 4 proved to be a success but lacked some vital issues such as marking multiple emails, etc. which caused a lot of botheration for the people who are accustomed to many unwanted emails.

The issue of using the multiple selection facility was only available after the jail breaking process from the ethical hackers who then successfully implemented the same and provided a better control over the activities of the iOS 4. However, the same issue of regret was well focused by Apple and was included in its latest operating system in form of iOS 5 without even getting it to be jailbroken. Added to it, in the present context, the users now do not need any mercy of Cydia app store as the same has been already facilitated by Apple.

How to mark multiple emails as read on iOS 5 or mark multiple emails as unread on iOS 5?

Both the process of marking as read and unread are very much similar to each other and almost follows the same pattern of activities. A step by step procedure has been listed below:

  • The very first step towards marking emails as read or as unread is to visit the Mail App from your device and then by entering into the inbox option.
  • The second option is to make proper selection of the emails which are required to be marked as read or unread. It should be brought to notice that users can mark emails from more than one inbox which makes the task much simpler.
  • Now it is time to make use of the edit button which lies on the right hand corner of the App which will allow the user with the option to mark them as read or unread.
  • Finally, the most important step lies in tapping the ‘mark’ button which is located on the bottom right hand corner, once you do it; you get access to mark the emails as read or unread.

Thus, we find that the iOS 5 from Apple has really worked upon its loop holes and has successfully ensured that its brand image is not let down by miscellaneous issues. This was perhaps one of the quickest iOS 5 tips that can be given to users of iOS 5 and the best part of this function is that it saves a lot of time of the users as people are not required to spend long hours on their devices just to ensure that the unwanted emails do not fill up their inbox and result in unnecessary delay in activities. For people who wish to enjoy the same benefit with their Apple devices, they should wither get their iOS 4 jail broken or upgrade their iOS to version 5 which will ultimately lead to a better performance of their devices.


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