How to Download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone without iTunes!!!

How to Download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone without iTunes!!! is a post from:

Downloading MP3 songs directly into your iDevice without iTunes is quiet touch job… as by default, iTunes is one and the only medium to synchronize your iDevice with your computer. So, it is difficult to find the subsidiary option.

Well, here is tutorial to download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without iTunes:

But, before proceeding further, it is our duty to aware you with some basic requirements, which you will need:

  • Your iDevice should be jailbroken.
  • Now, from Cydia download and install iFile.

This, are some basic requirements you must have, before we proceed further; for downloading MP3 songs directly to iPhone without iTunes.

Steps to download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1: Download and install Safari Download Manager tweak from Cydia!

Step 2: In safari, download MP3 file of your choice using Safari Download Manager application.

Step 3: As soon as you are done with downloading part, then, open that MP3 file in iFile

Step 4: After opening it in iFile, now, click on the blue arrow, which you will notice it on the left side of the MP3 file name.

Step 5: Once you click the blue arrow, you will automatically set into “file attributes” screen.

Step 6: Now, once you scroll down, you will find one button “Add to iPod Library”, click it.

Step 7: As soon as, you click on that button, the iFile will start its work and will create a new M4A file, and the file will automatically be saved into the library of your iDevice.

Note: Safari Download Manager is not yet supported to iOS 5/5.0.1.

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