How to Create New Playlist Right From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Beat It Up

It is a well known fact that one can create a playlist from the iTunes itself, where the user needs create it on the iTunes and then later on can add the same in the iDevice. But at a certain of time it is possible that a user may not handy with his desktop or laptop as a result of which he may be not able to access iTunes, in such a situation how to create new playlist right from iPhone ? Well, here is a simple solution to the above mentioned problem.

The foremost task that you need to do is access the iPod zone from your iPad or iPhone, in case of iPod just go to music section.

  • Tap on the playlist section (the second icon from the left at the bottom of the screen)
    When you tap on the playlist section, you get a new page which has several options where you need to tap on “add playlist” option.
  • As soon as a tap is made, a screen pops up which requires the user to add a name to the playlist. Once you name it, save the same.
  • After saving the new playlist, you make the selection of the songs from any of the options that lie at the bottom of the screen in form of “Artists”, “Songs”, etc.
  • Once all the songs have been selected, tap on the done button in order to set the confirmation of the all selected songs.

Can the playlist be edited?

Well, of course the playlist can be edited; users can replace songs by going to the edit option on the top right hand corner of the screen. Users also have the option to add or even delete songs from the existing playlist.

Can this procedure be applicable in iPad or iPod Touch?

Yes, the same procedure is also applicable in case of iPad or iPod touch where the users have the liberty to create a new playlist in iPad or create new playlist in iPod Touch by repeating the same steps mentioned above. Edit of such playlist is also possible.


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