How to Clean iPhone 4/4S Screen Safely to Keep It Brand New

We get asked quite a lot of times – what’s the best way to clean iPhone 4/4S screen safely. It’s easy – and if you do it regularly, may be in two years, you can get back almost the same amount you spent for your iPhone 4. Here’s how:

Keeping your iPhone 4/4s clean, making it look brand new all the time isn’t tough. It’s very easy if you know the trick. It’s perseverance. If you clean it the way we’ve mentioned here – and do it regularly – your iPhone would look as new as when you first bought it.

There are quite a lot of benefits of cleaning your iPhone and keeping it clean all the time. But what interests us most is the resale value. Used iPhones go for high resale values – up to 75% or more of what they cost as new smartphones. So, if you did it right, you could sell your iPhone for as much as 80% of the value you bought it for.

How to clean iPhone 4/4s Screen: Things You’ll Need

  • Get a very very soft cloth, slightly damp would be fine.
  • Make sure the iPhone screen does not have any dust or grain of a particle on it. Remove anything on the surface first.
  • A clean eye-sight. We have to make sure nothing gets stuck in the gaps.

How to do it:

After having removed any dust particle from the screen:

  • Begin slowly moving the soft cloth over the iPhone screen.
  • Make gentle rotations – no full swipes or stuff.
  • Repeat the process till all the oil, fingerprints are removed from the screen.

While doing this, make sure nothing gets into the gaps between the screen and the device.

Also what’s important is you should do this as frequently as possible. This would help a lot actually in keeping the screen very safe, secure and looking new and shiny. This is the best way to clean iPhone 4/4s screen safely, as far as we know.

Oh, there’s another thing we wanted you to know:
Please do use a screen guard – preferably the one which sticks well on the oleophobic coating. This is very safe and secure way of making sure dust, fingerprints, nail scratches and other things do not affect the screen of your iPhone. The oleophobic coating available on the iPhone is good but it’s not the be-all of screen coating. You just might need another layer – and the screen guards are the best in this regard.

There are plenty of screen guards available for bargain prices. You can get them easily and in most cases, you can apply them yourself without a worry. The screen guards not only prevent fingerprints, scratches and dust, but they also help in easy and hassle-free cleaning of the screen. The screen as such is unaffected, and all you have to do is clean the screen guard – which is quite easy.

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