How to Clean iPad Screen Safely

Even though the iPad comes with an oleophobic coating, it is necessary to clean the iPad screen regularly. For those of us who need to know the best way to clean iPad screen safely, here’s how to clean the iPad screen as safe and as perfectly as possible. It’s really simple, actually.

The iPad is one awesome tab – with a large screen – which Apple says is made of oleophobic coating. That means the screen is resistant to oil – which basically means that the sweat from finger, the “oily-ness” of the fingers are things that shouldn’t affect the screen. However, it’s quite natural that the iPad screen becomes dirty after sometime. Well, it’s quite easy to remove and clean the iPad screen safely it so let’s get on with it!

iPad screen cleaners 

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You will need:

  • a very soft damp cloth.
  • an iPad (quite obviously, eh?)
  • good level of patience – because the slower, the better!

No, we don’t need any extra material, no liquid for wash and in fact, if the soft cloth is real soft, it doesn’t even have to be damp. Caution: the cloth should be very little damp – not damp as in wet.

How to clean the iPad screen safely:

  • First off, disconnect the iPad from everything else. This includes, cables, accessories, keypads, external devices, cords, and even those cases in which you keep your iPad.
  • Now remove any particle of dust that may be on the iPad screen. There just shouldn’t be anything on the iPad screen.
  • After that, take the soft damn cloth, and start slowly from the top – clean the iPad screen by making slow circles with the cloth on the screen.
  • Keep doing this till your iPad screen shines like a mirror – or till as much as you want it to shine.

The best way to clean iPad screen safely is to do it with just a soft damp cloth, after having made sure nothing is up on the screen.

You’ll find that fingerprints, marks and sometimes even some slight scratches will disappear with this.

However, if you truly want to protect your iPad screen and keep it clean all the time, you’d do good if you bought one of those screen guards specially designed for the iPad. Once you get them and fix them on the iPad screen, the oleophobic screen is highly protected from fingerprints, other marks and impacts. Most screen guards do not affect the usage or usability of the screen through touch – so there’s no problem about fixing a screen guard for the iPad.

So that’s for how to clean iPad screen. You can follow the same process for iPad 2 screens too.

What’s important is not just the process but how often you repeat the process. The more often you do it, the more cleaner and safer your iPad screen would be. Resale values of iPads are not just decided on how old they are but also on how good they look. iPads looking brand new even after prolonged use are being sold for unbelievable prices on the market.


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