How to check the Apple Support Profile & History of Registered Apple Hardware

What’s so special about the Apple Support Profile page? Well, it has an amazing dashboard for checking on technical support history, status, and warranty information for all registered Apple products under ownership. If supposing you have purchased everything and registered on net with the same Apple ID, you’ll find all the Apple products right here, whether they are iPhones or iPads or iPods, etc. All you need to do is to learn how to check history of registered Apple Hardware.

How to Check the Apple Support Profile?

Log in with an Apple ID and then click on any item to get more information about it, such as:

  • Serial numbers and model numbers for all Apple products
  • Coverage details
  • Registration status
  • Phone tech support eligibility
  • General warranty coverage information (same as this)
  • AppleCare warranty extension eligibility
  • Past cases and repairs history
  • Status of support cases and repairs

You should get full advantage of the Apple Support Profile and remember to use the same Apple ID when registering new products.


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