Flashlight 4 in 1 – Most versatile Flashlight in App Store – Best Phone 4/4S Utility App

Flashlight 4 in 1 – Most versatile Flashlight in App Store – Best Phone 4/4S Utility App is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com

Flashlight 4 in 1Tired of downloading numerous apps or of getting the most out of your iPhone 4/4s bright LED? Well, you needn’t look any further as AppAnnex is bringing to the market the most utilitarian and versatile Flashlight 4 in 1 – a set of useful LED applications bundled in one convenient utility tool, developed by Appannex.

Flashlight App for iPhone 4 is reportedly the most versatile Flashlight in App Store and the Number one utility app in Russia!!! It is not just amazing but a really useful tool as well.

Very bright and protective for your battery your Flashlight App for iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 is always with you. Ergonomic, reactive, fast to come on and reliable there is no doubt that this flashlight will help you everywhere.

But don’t forget all other original options such as Strobe, Morse Code Transmitter and Lighted Magnifier. So if you heading off to a nightclub party, with Strobe function you can definitely show off your iPhone and have lots of fun partying all night long!Best Phone 4-4S Utility AppWhat’s more, thanks to Morse Code Transmitter you can become a real explorer and will never get lost!

You will be the loved grandchild of your grandma providing her a magnifier instead of her forgotten glasses. LOL

Surely, it’s the coolest and the most indispensable flashlight app in the App Store! Just imagine the following wonderful things you could do with this app:

  • Use in car emergency
  • Find the lost keys
  • Read the book at night
  • Tell spooky stories in dark
  • Light your way home
  • Survive during the power outage
  • Light Up the dance floor
  • Send a Morse code message
  • Communicate in your own coded language
  • Do the shadow theater

And what is really surprising about this app is its price. It is available in iTunes for just 0.99$ . So you get 4 different apps in one and even less than a dollar spent!!!

This flashlight 4-in-1 is a real must have!

Download Flashlight 4 in 1



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