Fix Installous Invalid IPA: Installation Failed Error on iOS 5.0.1

Are you getting invalid IPA or the Installation failed error while trying to install cracked apps from Installous 4.4.X? We can help you out to fix this error with a few tips. Simply uninstall previous AppSync installations and re-install latest version of AppSync from Hackulous repo.

Suppose you haven’t yet installed Installous 4, you may follow the given steps and you can also learn how to fix Installous Invalid IPA: Installation Failed Error on iOS Device:

Step 1
Open Cydia on your jailbroken iDevice and tap on the Search tab at the bottom.

Step 2
Type AppSync in the search field and hit the Search button.

Step 3
Now you can check whether you have any previous installations of AppSync.

Step 4
Choose the one in-front of which you see the ✓ sign.

Step 5
Now choose the Remove option and wait while Cydia removes it from your iDevice.

Step 6
Once it is removed, tap on the Manage tab at the bottom followed by a tap on Sources section. You will find a list of stock and other Cydia repos in this section.

Step 7
Scroll down and tap on the repo. Here you will see different versions of AppSync app.

Step 8
If you are on iOS 5/5.0.1, choose AppSync for iOS 5.0.

Step 9
Finally tap on the Install button and then on the Confirm button at the top-right to proceed with installation of AppSync on your iDevice.

Step 10
At last tap on the Return to SpringBoard to finish the installation.

Remember that you need to reboot your iPhone after installing AppSync. After this you may open Installous app and try to install any IPA. If you’re lucky, you won’t get the Invalid IPA file error anymore.

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