FastPdfKit – The First app that offers Siri integration

Hackers have finally found a way to hack Apple’s Siri. The Siri-proxy tool enables Siri to work with any possible thing on the network. This has led the app developers to start racking their brains and producing a suitable Siri app for iPhone 4S.

FastPdfKit - The First Siri AppThe first app to offer Siri integration using SiriProxy, the FastPdfKit is out in the market. With the help of this app, you can make Siri perform the in-app tasks like looking for text to page forward. This Siri controlled iPhone app can also be used on an iPad.

But, for that you will need a SiriProxy running on a server of the network. Now this is indeed very difficult and can be done chiefly by persons with technical knowledge.

  • The SiriProxy intercepts the Siri commands sent to Apple
  • A plugin adds some new commands to the list of accepted ones by Siri
  • SiriProxy receives the answers and open a tunnel with a chat server
  • The chat server sends the command immediately to the iOS app logged as user
  • The app hears for messages and if receives something passes the content and reacts accordingly

So Apple’s Siri seems to be interesting enough!

See the video of First Siri-Controlled App, FastPdfKit

Video Courtesy: iClarified

Price: Free


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