Clear Cookies, History, and Cache From Safari Browser on iPhone and iPad

It’s so easy to clear cookies, history and cache from Safari browser on iPhone and iPad. There are quite a lot of benefits of clearing them out, and some disadvantages too. Take a look at how to clear cookies, history and cache from Safari browser on your iPhone.

Websites store information as cookies, your searches and website meanderings are stored as history and there’s a bunch of website data called cache out there on your iPhone. If you need to clear these cookies, history, and cache from Safari browser on iPhone, then this post is for you.

Cookies are data that websites usually store on your phone – they help in keeping you logged in for a long time without having to enter your username password every time you visit the site. Cache is a webpage stored, which means the next time you visit the webpage, unless there’s an update of the page, your iPhone would render the cached webpage instead of using up data. And history is obviously what you have been seeing on the Safari browser.

Now, folks, all of this stores up memory. If you are a frequent browser that would mean there’d be even more space stored up. And many times, the amount of history, cookies etc. might affect the pace and performance of the Safari browser. So here’s how to clear cookies, history and cache from Safari browser on iPhone:

Clear History from Safari Browser on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings tab.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. If you scrolled down a bit, you’ll find the Clear History tab.
  4. Tap it and your history would be cleared.

Clearing history can save you if you have been visiting some questionable sites – but if you forgot that previous website which had some important stuff you missed, it might not be helpful.

Clear Cookies from Safari Browser on iPhone

  • Right under the Clear History tab would be your Clear Cookies.

When you hit ‘keep me logged in’ or ‘remember be’ when you log in to websites, it is the cookies that do the job of remembering your information for the website. Also, cookies stored by websites keep a lot of other information useful for the website to recognize you next time (and every time) you visit the website. Well, this might be helpful, but if you want all those data to be cleared, use the Clear Cookies.

It is good to clear cookies once in a while if you have been browsing a lot of websites which are new to you. But remember, it would also clear your logins, so be sure to remember the passwords and all.

Clear Cache from Safari Browser on iPhone

  • Tap Clear Cache just below the cookies and your cache will be cleared.

Cache is roughly an image of the website you visited. If there have been no recent updates, the cache is shown by the Safari browser saving up data exchange for you (doesn’t matter on unlimited data plans).


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