Casetagram – When Instagram Meets Customized iPhone Case!

What happens when Instagram, the most popular iPhone image app ever, meets custom cases? Well, you get to design your own custom iPhone case with your own design/image on it!!

Welcome to Castegram.

Create Custom iPhone Case
Ever wondered what happens when someone tries to make custom iPhone case? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not rocket-science. Making your custom iPhone cases with your own design and images gets easy with a simple online service called Casetagram. All you need to do is, login, choose the image, choose the template and finish! Casetagram will ship your case for you! And what’s even better? All cases are now compatible with iPhone 4S too!!

Having a custom case with custom design is the coolest thing you can have on your iPhone 4S. All those usual, routine black / transparent cases are out of trend these days. They are everywhere! Almost everyone who owns an iPhone has those boring cases on! How about some change?

Well, change could mean two things: 1) the iPhone case cover looks stunning with a very unique design or 2) the iPhone case cover looks even more stunning because it has your own mark on it – be it the image, the looks or the style!

How to Make and order custom iPhone case!

At Casetagram, they’re involved in making high-quality iPhone cases with the exact type of a print you want. You get to customize the case in many ways.

First, you just connect via Instagram – choose the images you want on your case.
Next, you choose the template and finalize your design. There are quite a lot of options here and the types of cases are three – white, black and transparent.
That’s it. Confirm your order and you will receive your custom case in a week!

You can order custom iPhone case for $ 34.95. You can pay through your credit card once you’ve finalized the order and shipping. PayPal is also accepted – and in fact, that’s the first option. The website reports that due to an overwhelming amount of orders, the shipping time might be a bit longer than mentioned usually.


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