Case-Mate ‘Tank’ Case for iPhone 4/4S – Super Protective iPhone 4/4S Case

As we know that iPhone is an expensive Smartphone, it requires excellent protection from scratches in the screen as well as in the body. A Smartphone will not look good if it is not maintained well and hence is full of dirt and scratches in it. So for the protection of iPhone 4/4S the best case that you can ever get is Case-Mate ‘Tank’ Case because it provides excellent protection to the screen as well as the back.Case-Mate Tank Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

When it comes to the design of Tank case for iPhone 4/4S it has a hardy exterior along with shock absorbing interior case. Its exterior is shatter resistant and has a polycarbonate hard shell which doesn’t allows anything to harm iPhone 4/4S easily. In its interior there is a thick, silicone cushioned layer which doesn’t leaves scratches when it is removed unlike some other iPhone cases which leaves scratches making the iPhone look bad. Unlike other cases, tank case for iPhone 4 has a soft grip texture which makes it convenient for the owner to keep it in his tight pocket as the smooth exterior allows the phone to slide outside and push inside the pocket easily. The tank cover is an excellent for the protection of iPhone 4/4S as it protects the phone from cracking and condensation.

The tank case for iPhone 4/4S is designed smartly and makes the iPhone look smarter along with the protection. It makes it perfect for use for every type of people who have different types of choice as tank case for iPhone 4/4S is available in different color combinations. It has four different color combinations which are black along with black, black with pink, military green and orange, white and pink. Colors like white along with pink are very preferable by women whereas black with black is favored by men. This doesn’t means that other two colored tank cases do not have a demand because these colored cases are also preferred by many people out there for making the look of their iPhone 4/4S unique.

Hence it can be concluded that Tank case for iPhone 4/4S is an excellent case that provides protection as well as smart looks. What do you think?? One can hardly get such type of case for an affordable price of only $ 60, it has high demand in the market and lots of iPhone 4/4S owners prefer buying it for its protection.

Highlight of ‘Tank’ Case

  • Its a Military grade, protective iPhone case
  • Having polycarbonate hard shell with silicone cushioned interior
  • Offers retractable screen shields from impacts, cracking and condensation
  • Soft touch exterior that easily slides in and out of pockets
  • Tested #1 in impact resistance against the leading brand
  • Holster belt clip included

Video of Case-Mate ‘Tank’ Case for iPhone 4/4S


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