C-Spire iPhone 4S Data Plans

The long wait is finally over with the C-Spire users as the company now intends to launch the new iPhone 4S to its customers on unlimited non streaming data.

The buzz for Apple products is always there and the circumstances grow further when the product is in form of a new iPhone. The latest launch of the Apple iPhone 4S about a month back will be available for the C-Spire users for which they need to select from various options that are available to them.

The latest technology blended with unique features in form of Siri voice assistance program is surely the eye catcher but on the other hand, there are also other attractive features which catches a person’s mind in form of an advanced 8 megapixel camera and iOS 5. There are basically about four different versions of iPhone 4S on the basis of storage capacity, namely iPhone 4S 8GB, iPhone 4S 16GB, iPhone 4S 32GB and iPhone 4S GB and each of them have a different C-Spire iPhone 4S price.

What are the different prices quoted for different iPhone 4S?

The C-Spire iPhone 4S price varies on the basis of storage capacity of the phone. The iPhone 4S 8GB is ranged at $ 99.99 which forms the lowest price segment of the offer. On the other hand, other iPhone 4S in form of iPhone 4S 16 GB and iPhone 4S 32 GB are priced at a comparatively higher at $ 199.99 and $ 299.99 respectively. The most expensive in this segment is the iPhone 4S 64 GB which costs about $ 399.99.

Image Source: www.appleiphoneapps.net

What are the C-Spire iPhone 4S data plans?

The C-Spire iPhone 4S data plans a number of flexibility options which depends upon the users to use such data plans. There are basically two categories referred to as non streaming plan and streaming plan. The first two plans in form of Plan I and Plan II relates to non streaming plan which is offered at a price of $ 50 and $ 70 respectively. Whereas on the other hand, Plan III and Plan IV relates to streaming plans and is currently being offered at $ 90 and $ 100 respectively. All of the above plans have free unlimited messaging and data packages, but in case of free minutes Plan I and Plan III are limited up to 500 minutes and 1000 minutes respectively, Plan II and Plan IV being the unlimited ones.

The buzz created breaking news and to our confirmation, this is what the President and Chief executive Officer of C-Spire had to say,”As a carrier dedicated to delivering the best personalized wireless experience, we’re proud to offer the amazing new iPhone 4S to our customers,”. Further added,” iPhone 4S offers an abundance of new features, and with our Choice Infinite data plans customers can enjoy all of them on our network without having to think about their next bill.”

Thus, the viewpoint is clear that now C-Spire aims to attract more customers by way of C-Spire iPhone 4S Data Plans which has a wide range of flexibility options which can suit the needs of different iPhone 4S users and adds to the benefits which is delivered by iPhone each and every time.



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