Best iPhone Puzzle Games – Top 10 iPhone Puzzle Games of All Time

Here are some of the best iPhone puzzle games. iPhone puzzle games are great – for one, I can while away time without getting bored when I am waiting for a commute, or at the grocer’s. There’s literally a galaxy of iPhone puzzle games out there, but here’s our take on the best iPhone puzzle apps list. Some of them are free, while some are as costly as – well, just 99 cents. Take a look:


1. A Very Simple Game – Free
As the name goes, it’s a very simple game. No, really! We’re not kidding! Try it out yourself.
The point of the game – as far as we tried – is to tap the number corresponding to the hand that’s shown. Oh, it’s not merely a number-of-fingers-shown puzzle. It’s a literal puzzle – so crazy and yet so simple, but will keep you glued, confused and whatever! It’s just plain puzzling to the core – yeah, that’s even after several weeks of playing it.

2. Safari Party – Free
There’s nothing “party” about Safari Party but it sure has a prominent spot in any best iPhone puzzle games list. All you have to do is click pictures of four or more animals belonging to the same species. The more the number, the more the score. Simple? Wait till you start playing the game. Did we mention? This one’s mighty addictive too, with all the different settings (Metropole, Forest, Safari, Ocean, North Pole etc.)

3. Aiko Island – $ 0.99
At first, I thought this was a simple game that would involve some physics. Turns out there’s more to Aiko Island than meets the eye at first glance. “Pop, drop and roll” is all you have to do, but it gets very addictive. It’s a perfect puzzle which gives enough work for your brain. And of course, it is total fun too!

4. Bejeweled Blitz – Free
The most popular app out of all the best iPhone puzzle apps is, undoubtedly, the Bejeweled game. But Bejeweled Blitz takes the whole game to a different level. Here’s one app that is a must-have on your iPhone. Very interesting, addictive (needless to say, eh?) and very impressive graphics this time.

5. Zentomino – $ 0.99
Think of a perfect blending of Tetris like figures and the famous Tangram game? You get Zentomino. It’s a perfect puzzle that is more like Tangram in the idea, but comes with familiar tetris figures. Choose a shape, use any of the tetris figures you want to get to that shape – and that’s your win!

6. Letris 2 – Free
This is my favorite – it gives a wonderful twist to tetris and brings you a perfect way to while away time no matter where you are. Form meaningful words to clear the board – and words just keep falling. There’s no time limit on the new game. And oh, did we mention this? There’ iCloud support!

7. Bubble Ball – Free
Oh you know all about Bubble Ball already. It’s the usual physics puzzle game where you have to get the ball to the goal using shapes. The whole idea looks plain and simple till we get the game running. Makes use of your brain very much – but is quite easily addictive nevertheless!

8. Photo Puzzle Game – $ 0.99
Yes, this is the same old game that features almost on all the best iPhone puzzle games list. What’s interesting is, you can click pictures and then use them for the puzzle right away. Bored at the office? Click a picture of your colleague working seriously on the laptop – and start with a jigsaw of the same image!

9. Fling! – Free
Oh, I just can’t get my hands off this game. It’s just about flinging furballs (look awesome on the iPhone) – but with a purpose. You will finally have one furball on the board to proceed to the next level. That’s where the puzzle is. You have to plan the fligning in such a way that will finally have only one furball on the board at the end of the game.

10. Puzzle Family – Free
Puzzle Family, as the name suggests, is literally a collection of about 8 puzzle games – collated into one game, so that it looks as if you are completing a mission. There’s enough reason to keep you glued to the game. The puzzles are very interesting – and involve a wide range of varieties that makes you crack your head to solve the puzzles.


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