Best iPhone 4S Cydia Tweaks and Apps

The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are finally jailbroken. It’s time to add some spice to the iPhone 4S. Here are best5 iPhone 4S Cydia tweaks – or rather, jailbreak apps – which you should definitely try out. Each adds a specific functionality to the iPhone 4s and makes it even more powerful!

Here we go:

1. BBSettings
SBSettings came as the most useful tool from the jailbreak community. In fact, even to this day, there has been no app to beat it. Controlling the iPhone WiFi, power, cellular data are some of the most essential things for which we’d be happy to have a quick way.

BBSettings makes this possible. It puts the Notification Center in iOS 5 to maximum use. A simple slide across the screen gives access to it all.

2. SuperSwitcher
Nine favorite apps in the area above the Active Multitasking bar. It’s as simple as that.
Someone from the jailbreaking community decided that the vacant space should be put to use. And there’s SuperSwitcher for you. It’s a neat little app which gives you quickest access to some of your favorite apps – usually the ones you use often. The app also lets you access settings like WiFi, Bluetooth etc.

3. BiteSMS 6.0
Without a doubt, BiteSMS has always been a personal favorite for quite a lot of people using cydia apps. That’s why it features on the best jailbreak apps for iPhone 4S. It brings you quick messaging from any app you are on, but it sure is going to cost you some serious money. For all the awesome features it rolls in, that’s quite justified.

4. 3G Unrestrictor for iOS 5
Wondering how to by-pass the 20MB limit on cellular data transfers? Here’s the answer.
3G Unrestricted will let you bypass that limit and download songs, large files, or make FaceTime calls over the usual cellular data. This is possible because it tricks the iPhone 4S into thinking that it’s on the WiFi mode, every time you use the app.

5. Zephyr
This came as a life-saver. Tried double-clicking the home button (to open the multitasking bar) and ended up closing the currently open app? Well, Zephyr is going to be a boon, then. It brings swipe to switch between app functionality. That’s on the iPad and Zephyr brings that feature to your iPhone 4S. Enough reasons to make us put it on the best iPhone 4S jailbreak tweaks apps list.


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