Best iPhone 4S Apps You Should Have By Now

Here are out top 10 iPhone 4S apps. The iPhone 4S – the latest offering from Apple – has some awesome features. We talked about some best iPhone 4S apps recently.

While all those apps are awesome and great, here’s another list of top iPhone 4S apps – something that we’re sure you will find very interesting. In the previous post, we focused on the most popular apps – the ones that were being talked about everywhere, and the ones that have become quite common and mandatory.

On this list of best iPhone 4S apps, we’re profiling the other type of apps which are popular but seldom used by everyone. We think these iPhone 4S apps are a must-have too – you will soon find out that you would be using almost everyone of these regularly. So here we go:

10 Best iPhone 4S Apps

Opera Mini App for iPhone 4S1. Opera Mini: For those of you who have the iPhone 4S, you might be thinking Safari is good enough. Try Opera Mini once and you might instantly know why this came on the top iPhone 4S apps list. The great thing about Opera Mini is that it comes with as simple an interface you’d love – along with quick links (called the Start Page) right on the first page when you open the app.

Opera Mini has a very neat interface, and is very usable too – with all the options that the default browser offers. Also, with Opera Link, you can take your bookmarks, start page links and other data anywhere, when you access Opera from other devices.

Price: Free
Download Opera Mini for iPhone 4S

2. Weather Channel: At first, we really didnt give a thought about having this on our list of best iPhone 4S apps. But truth be told – and many would probably agree – the default weather app on the iPhone 4S isn’t that great.

Weather Channel is the perfect replacement. On second thought, as we took a closer look, we knew this would be the app you would want to look at for all those details and forecasts about weather in your city or place.

Price: Free
Download Weather Channel App for iPhone 4S

Evernote for iPhone 4S3. Evernote: Evernote needs no introduction. To call Evernote a note-taking app would be a terrible understatement. Evernote is not just about notes. You can create notes as text, photo or even audios (much like voice memos). You can tag them with your geo-location and can bring perfect sync between your notes on the Mac or PC and on the Web.

The free version itself has so many brilliant features that you’d be stunned if you have not used it yet. If you need to improve your productivity by leaps and bounds, the first thing you should do is get Evernote for your iPhone 4S.

We strongly believe Evernote must hit the top of every top iPhone 4S apps list!

Price: Free
Download Evernote for iPhone 4S

Awesome Note for iPhone 44. Awesome Note (with ToDo/Diary): If Evernote was great, Awesome Note is awesome. Of course, this comes at a price. But Awesome Note is worth every penny you pay for it. It comes with one of the most beautiful, eye-candy interfaces to begin with. It has quite a lot of features and is fun to use.

There are plenty of options like sticky notes, anniversary reminders, and the most impressive of all – a photo diary!!

Price: $ 3.99
Download Awesome Note for iPhone 4S

e-Bay for iPhone 4S5. eBay for iPhone 4S: The perfect app for the perfect buyer. The eBay app for iPhone 4S brings a totally new way to look at eBay. Sometimes, we feel the iPhone 4S version of the eBay app is better than the usual web-version!

You get a perfect bird’s-eye view of bids you are watching, bids you have placed, items you sell, reminders, saved searches and quite a lot of other functionalities. The most rock-solid app for your iPhone 4S, if you frequently buy from or sell on eBay.

Price: Free
Download eBay App for iPhone 4S

Amazon App for iPhone 4S6. Amazon for iPhone: Probably the next best website to turn to when it comes to buying or selling on the Internet. Amazon is a wonderful marketplace – and the iPhone 4S app for Amazon is wonderful too. With a very familiar interface, which is also quite usable, Amazon App for the iPhone 4S brings you the whole website in your palms.

Quite a lot of people are using this App and although it’s not as expansive as eBay is, it still works pretty good. For those who deal in Amazon marketplace a lot, this would be a perfect fit.

Price: Free
Download Amazon App for iPhone 4S

Nook for iPhone 4S7. NOOK: Over two-million books to surf from. Does the name Barnes&Noble strike a chord? Yes, the very same book store that brings you all the best-sellers has a dedicated iPhone 4S app which you can use to find out your favorite books and get them instantly.

NOOK provides a lot of options to adjust the reading, to share the book with your friends and even sync the books with those on your PC or Mac. And oh, did we tell you? This has one of the best interfaces ever – most friendly and most impressive.

Price: Free
Download Nook for iPhone 4S

Mint for iPhone 4S8. Mint: If budget, finances and cash-flow is something you think about in serious terms – and need something to track perfectly – Mint is the final answer. Mint for iPhone 4S is not just a simple accounts managing system – it is intelligent (like the iPhone 4S itself) and smart.

It helps you track quite a lot of your expenditures, shows you how you have fared in comparison to your budget plans and keeps an aggregate of all your accounts. Mint is the easiest way you can manage your financial life – but the most smartest.

Price: Free
Download Mint for iPhone 4S

New York Times iPhone 4S App9. New York Times: If any newspaper has a perfect iPhone 4s counterpart, the New York Times would be the one and only! This free app comes with a clean view of the news items, removing all clutter and giving you just the right way to read the news right in the morning.

On why New York Times is featured here, we love the interface – it’s clear, concise and gives you the best dynamism as you browse through the paper.

Price: Free (requires Subscription to NYT for all news items)
Download New York Times for iPhone 4S

Square for iPhone 4S10. Square: We’ve talked about Square before ( and it’s quite natural that it finds a place in the top 10 iPhone 4S apps too. Square lets you accept credit card payments with a small fee for every transaction – and no other charge!

Once the card has been swiped and the payment has been made, you can send transaction reports via SMS or email, and you can also keep a history of all the transactions for a particular profile.

So that was our best iPhone 4S apps. Did you find it interesting and useful? Do you think there are other apps that would fit the top lists? Please do share them here!!

Price: Free
Download Square for iPhone 4S


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