AutoCAD for iPhone and iPad – Coming Soon, At Last!

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AutoCAD was last seen on the Mac about two decades before. After that, there was no development of AutoCAD software for Apple. But now, things have changed again.

AutoCAD, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is the leading 3D modeling and machine design software used by almost everyone involved in 3D modeling. It’s a sophisticated software with quite a lot of advanced features which help machine designers design, simulate and calibrate machines before they go to the implementation stage. AutoCAD has been available for the other platform which Mac competes with. It has a huge fan following and many companies benefit from the software so much so that the entire business runs on it.

AutoCAD recently launched Autodesk Inventor Fusion for Mac which we talked about. That preview release showed the great software finally coming to the Mac platform – a boon to many designers.

While Autodesk Inventor Fusion was aimed at providing a quick, seamless and perfect 3D modeling software with the most advanced configuration for Mac, there’s an iPad / iPhone version in the works. It’s going to be released sometime soon and the AutoCAD for iPhone has already gotten a lot of reviews.

The AutoCAD for iPhone and iPad are aimed as preview / demo versions which allow designers to quickly edit certain aspects of the 3D design. Of course, certain complex features are bound to be out of the version that comes for the iPad / iPhone. The AutoCAD for iPhone and iPad will be available as a download on the iTunes App Store.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion – the full version with all the features – comes for the Mac. It looks like users can modify and edit designs on the iPad or iPhone and quickly transfer them to the Mac to work upon it. With features like iCloud and sync already available on iPhone and iDevices, AutoCAD will be definitely a great plus for 3D modelers.

The AutoCAD software being one of the leading 3D modeling softwares in the world, it is sure going to help Apple in enhancing their already-boosted sales. With the Autodesk Inventor Fusion, AutoCAD is surely vying to make a huge comeback to the Mac platform, including iPad and iPhone support to make it even easier for designers to play with their designs and models.


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