August 4th – China Telecom Confirms iPhone 5 For October

iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon!

iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon!

China Telecom recently stated that they’ve reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ with Apple to carry the next-generation iPhone, which they say will be a simplified iPhone 4.Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities recently issued a note to investors that a deal with Apple and China Telecom would be imminent.  He stated that the telecom carrier; the third-largest in China, apparently locked in a preliminary agreement for two types of iPhones.

The first one being a simplified and more affordable version of the iPhone 4 (which may very likely just be an iPhone 3GS) and a more advanced iPhone 5.

Report: China Telecom Confirms A Fall 2011 iPhone 5

The report states that Apple will offer a more economical version of the iPhone 4 specifically designed to target customers in developing countries or developing parts of countries who cannot afford the more premium priced smartphone.

The deal, estimated to be worth roughly $ 30 billion, is supposed to be enacted around the end of September and start of October which goes in accordance with many reports that the iPhone 5 and its more affordable counter-part will come out around the same time.

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