AT&T To Replace It’s Existing SIMs With The All New LTE Mico-SIMs

AT&T To Replace It’s Existing SIMs With The All New LTE Mico-SIMs is a post from:

There has recently been lot of talk about the upcoming iPad 3 features which are said to include the famous Retina display, LTE and quadcore processor. Now the latest news is that AT&T has started replacing its existing micro-SIMs with a new SIM card that can connect to its LTE network. AT-T To Replace Its Existing SIMsThere are also reports that AT&T LTE Mico-SIMs are going to be in now and the already existing SIMs would be discarded by the company. The reason behind this step is still not known and neither is the explanation of which device the card is being introduced for.

Looking at the past history of Apple and AT&T having worked together, it is clear that both companies may again bond together to provide their customers LTE connection in iPad 3.

Also the rumors that Apple’s third-generation tablet would be the first of its kind to get super-speedy 4G data along with leaked information showing its internal specifications seemingly confirms the feature.


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