Apple Vs. Samsung: Infographic of The Patent War Between Apple And Samsung

Apple and Samsung War still continues although Samsung seems to be on the stronger position. The war between these giants began with Apple having alleged that Samsung Galaxy’s smartphones and Tablets infringed its patents.

Apple won earlier in Germany and Netherlands among the ten countries where it had filed suits. In this Apple Vs Samsung Law Suit, Samsung had to change the designs of its phones. Even in Australia, Apple got an extension on the ban put on Samsung’s Tablet sales.Apple vs SamsungWhat was very important for Samsung was the decision of the San Jose’s court as it is crucial considering the U.S. market. Appl’s request to block Samsung Galaxy produsts sales in the U.S. was rejected and that has resulted in a wave of relief for the Samsung which is now ready for its shopping in full gear.

This Apple and Samsung war has surprised many of its technological competitors as they always considered Apple to be the one to avoid such conflicts. However, this move of Apple is justified with alot at stake. Apple’s iPad rules the tablet market, covering almost three-quarter of the market. With the sales reported to go up by 66% in 2012, Samsung is striving harder than ever to keep up with it.

It’s quite difficult to keep pace with this conflict as it is taking place in various courts all over the world. So, we have got hold of an Infographic Apple Vs. Samsung war through which we can find out about some of the major events in this feud.

The war is not yet over and the decision rests on the courts while both the companies strongly stand their grounds.

See the Infographics of Apple Vs Samsung Patent War

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