Apple TV Release Date, Assembly to Happen from Mid-2012

Thinking of Apple TV release date rumors? We’ve got something more for you.

Right from DigiTimes, the one source that’s beginning to be a prominent whistle-blower when it comes to technology, there’s a rumor that Apple TV could be out by late 2012, with mid-second quarter being the time for assembly and hardware decisions. It also states that Foxconn Electronics would probably bag the assembly orders for Apple’s iTV. Apple TelevisionThe piece of good news that you are looking for is that this could be a short confirmation of Siri-like features on Apple TV. Much like iPhone 4S, you could be able to control your Apple TV through routine voice commands. This is seen as the next-step – or a revolution – in the television industry. The Apple TV could very well be the competition that television industry experts are fearing to face. We had reports of industry designers and lead experts actually going hither and thither for information regarding Apple TV features – or what they could possibly be.

The Apple TV features on the other end of the spectrum are also rumored to be top-notch. For instance, the display resolution is said to be something that changes the benchmark. But of course, much more than these, the usual Apple-touch to the features is what is impressive:

The AirPlay is a feature that we are looking forward to. It would let you control what you watch on your Apple TV via your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. What’s more interesting than this is that you can continue watching movies and video shows from where you left across multiple iDevices – half the movie on iTV and the other half on iPhone on the movie could become possible.

TiPB reports that Apple TV could come out in 32-inch and 37-inch forms. Considering the popularity of these forms as of now it looks quite possible that Apple could really be aiming for those dimensions.

The real competition to Apple iTV would be from the top-players in the market like Samsung and LG. But the basic idea is that Apple TV would be – like their other products – costlier than the usual standard. This, of course, would not prevent buyers from preferring Apple over others – especially with USP like Siri-based controller, iCloud, better organization of content, AirPlay etc.


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