Apple Pushing to Introduce iPad 3 on February 24th, Steve Jobs’ Birthday?

Putting the March 2012 iPad 3 release date rumor behind, some reports now suggest that it could well fall in the ‘mid-first quarter of next year’ – put simply, that means February.

Building from the 2011 launch of Apple MacBook Pro – which was on Steve’s birthday (Feb 24th), rumors now have been widespread that Apple could be aiming for a similar launch of iPad 3 on 24th February – honoring the innovator behind Apple’s products like iPod, iTunes, iPhone and the iPad.

Of course, sufficient sources back it up. Supply chain production rates have increased and this increase has been noted in some Taiwanese / Chinese local newspaper. ipad-3-retina-displayBut then again, there are other reasons for that too. The local lunar year celebrations / holidays fall somewhere in the end of January – where workers take some long breaks. Is the increased production rate attributable to this season? May be.

Personally, as some experts too pointed out, we don’t think Apple would compromise on quality just because they want to push the iPad 3 release date closer to Steve Jobs’s birthday which falls on Feb 24th – the idea mid-first quarter time as reported. Of course, it may be that if the productions are actually happening faster, and the assembly done in California would be faster, they might look for a February release – just two-and-half months away.

The iPad 3 – along with MacBook Pro update – are the two very possible updates we’ll get to see by March / April next year. While other gadgets like iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Gen and the much-hyped Apple TV all look quite far, it would only be a matter of time before we actually see two of Apple’s great products getting upgraded – the iPad and the MacBook.

As to the iPad 3 features, the most prominent one being talked about – and confirmed to arrive – is the display resolution which is double that of iPad 2. The 2048x1536px resolution is surely going to have rave reviews provided the retina display actually looks very different from the already-excellent resolution on the iPad 2.


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