Apple Expected To Release Re-Designed iPhone 5 and Low-End iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

According to a tech-analyst from the Wall Street journal, Apple is expected to announce two new iPhones to the public. The tentative date is currently set at October 4th, but that day is just what many analysts are predicting. Many other analysts are pointing at a mid-October launch of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, but what’s increasingly certain is that they will release two models of the iPhone.

Apple is, apparently, going to sell the iPhone 4S smartphone for cheaper than $ 150 with a wireless subsidy which means that they’ll probably sell it for roughly 300-350 at the Apple Store with no strings or contracts attached.

The analyst from the Wall Street Journal, Chris Whitmore, believes that the cheaper iPhone 4S is Apple’s attempt to break into the low to mind ranged smartphone market that Android phones have been dominating for quite some time.

Many people are also already discussing the iPhone 6 and what Apple has prepared for that, but most opinions are purely speculative at this point.

The mid-range smartphone market has much higher sales than the premium-smartphone market, so many shareholders are speculating a jump in their revenue and thus holding on to their Apple stocks as well.

The iPhone 5 on the other hand is expected to be completely redesigned despite what many analysts stated would be an iPhone with modest upgrades that would mainly be internal as well.


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