Apple’s Universal Power Adapter – The End of Multiple Power Adapters / Chargers

It’s really tough when it comes to having too many charging adapters for all the Apple products out there. There are houses that have many of the Apple products – a Macbook, many iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. Having different charging adapters for each of the products means lots of clutter.

The problem increases when you travel around with all these devices.

An Innovation

Apple – which has almost always worked towards a simpler and clutter-free environment – brings you one more invention that might just make the multiple chargers a thing of the past.Apple Universal Power AdapterThey seem to have filed a patent for an Universal power adapter for Apple Products quite long back in May 2010, but the patent has only recently been made public. The patent, which contains the details of the new universal power adapter, lets you charge multiple devices right from the single power adapter.

Why is it innovative? Don’t we have such multiple adapters already? Much of the multiple adapters are usually uni-device ones – which means to say that you can charge multiple devices of the same type.

One Charger, Multiple Devices

But with the Apple Universal Power Adapter, you can charge various devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook, Macbook Air etc.

One of the prime reasons why people feel traveling with adapters a painstaking issue is that the adapters are quite naturally bulky. This means, more adapters would take up more space and cause more clutter.

Later that year (2010) Apple had also patented something similar – an universal power adapter for Apple products which also allowed for data sync simultaneously.

Expected Release

As such, this is just a patent being filed and then made public. Since the patent was filed long back, we can safely assume that work towards the project would be in full-swing and probably – considering the time – they already have a prototype or test-model ready.

Once the initial testings are done, we can be sure that the universal power adapter for iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, MacBook, MacBook Air etc. would be made publicly available through retail stores.

Since this would be an Apple product, one thing that we can be sure of is safety and quality. The adapter would make multiple adapters unnecessary and redundant. It would get rid of all the clutter caused by so many wires. And most importantly, carrying multiple devices all at once would become so much easier without having to remember to carry charging adapter for each of them. This Apple Universal power adapter would suffice for all.


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