Appfront Jailbreak App – Skype, Viber and WhatsApp Combined!

Okay, so iPhone’s great. We’ve got Viber to call (for free or for a very cheaper rate), we’ve got WhatsApp for messaging, and we’ve got Skype too, for IM, messaging and calling people. But what makes iPhone even better is clubbing all those three into one single app! Yes, that’s precisely what Appfront is.

One thing that’s slightly a turn-off is that this is available only on jailbroken iPhones! Well, the features of the app definitely beat that though! Here’s more about the Appfront messenger app. Appfront Jailbreak AppSome people call Appfront the best messenger app. It’s not another of those instant messengers. It doesn’t bring something new to your iPhone. But the clubbing of three very important apps is where it scores well.

You can get the Appfront jailbreak app from Cydia sotre.

Details: Appfront app can be downloaded for $ 1.99 from the store. Yes, that sounds a bit high, but it’s perfectly justified for the features it has. It’s a simple app basically – which comes with a unified interface. It integrates Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, and the Address Book-like interface keeps it very simple.

Currently, Appfront is not available for iOS 5. That’s a big letdown. Of course, the developers have said they are working for an iOS 5 compatible version with the update.

How Can Appfront Help You?

Messaging and calling is the entire essence of communication (yeah, we are not taking into account the online modes of email and social networking here).

While Viber makes it easy for people to call without having to spend on calls, it is iDevice specific only. Besides that single limitation, Viber is a very popular and powerful app.

Then, there’s WhatsApp which is even better – it actually runs on many smartphones like those of Nokia, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone – which makes free messaging even more widespread. Millions of people are actually using WhatsApp to communicate between friends and family for a very cheaper rate because it merely takes up the data pack and not the message pack.

Skype, of course, is great for IM and with enough credit, you can also make cheaper international calls.

Now having to switch between different apps to communicate to people is not exactly something that’s hard. But Appfront removes even that bit of work for you – and beautifully clubs all the three apps into one.

Of course, you will need a jailbroken iPhone for running Appfront jailbreak app.


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