Add Custom Commands to SIRI with MyAssistant – A New Jailbreak Tweak

Add Custom Commands to SIRI with MyAssistant – A New Jailbreak Tweak is a post from:

My Assisstant – A yet another Siri related jailbreak at the Cydia Store! Offering an enhanced Siri experience, this is quite an amazing tweak which helps the users to set up their own Siri custom commands. All you need to do is download and install the My Assisstant jailbreak tweak and you can get your own customized Siri commands to perform actions such as changing iPhone settings, iPhone re-spring, locking the handset etc. Add Custom Commands to SIRI with MyAssistantThe official description:

  • MyAssistant is the best tweak to enhance the power of Siri.
  • It enables the use of Activator events, this mean that you can access all the Activator features through Siri voice commands!
  • You can manage System Toggle via Siri (Wifi – 3G – Bluetooth – Location – Airplane mode – Brightness – Volume.)
  • You can add Siri Custom Commands like : Respring – Reboot – Power off – Safe mode – Lock – Unlock – Take a pic –Batterypercentage and open apps.
  • You can even make Siri answer to a question as you want it (for example you can make Siri says “You are awesome” in reply to a custom question that you can set in the Settings app.
  • You can also change the Siri background. Just pick a new one from

MyAssistant is available at a mere $ 0.99 through the BigBoss repository. It requires iOS 5 or above and the best part is that it works with any device having Siri capabilities.


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