5 Best iPad/iPad 2 Cases

An iPad case is something that protects your iPad and gives it elegance too. It should work with both the original iPad and the iPad 2. No matter how careful you are you can’t seem to keep it intact unless you get a case or protective screen, even if your iPad, has a Gorilla glass layer.

A protective screen might seem a good option for the screen but doesn’t help to protect the case of your beloved gadget. However, a carrying case is an ideal choice when you actually have a gadget that accompanies you everywhere and want to keep it as it was on the first day of your ownership.

1. OtterBox Defender iPad Case:OtterBox Defender Case for iPadThis is one of the best cases available in the market.  It will add a bit of bulk to the iphone but not all that much.  It comes with a belt clip for carrying on your side.  I use this case on a daily basis and have found it to be my must have item.  This was the first thing I ordered after receiving the iphone.  Actually, the folks from http://www.otterbox.com were nice enough to send me a review unit.  I have been more than satisfied.  It has saved my iphone 4 more than I care to count.  The OtterBox Defender is available for both the iPhone and iPad 2.  Here is the complete review of the iPad 2 OtterBox Defender Case.

2. Zaggfolio Bluetooth Case for iPad/iPad 2:Zaggfolio Case for iPad

This is the most versatile case available for the iPad 2.  It can be used as a combo or the keyboard may be removed from the folio case for use.  This allows the user to use the keyboard more easily with other devices such as the iphone. The Folio Bluetooth case can be purchased at www.zagg.com for $ 99.

3. ZooGue “Genius” iPad/iPad 2 Case:ZooGue “Genius” iPad Case

This is my favorite case personally for everyday use.  I have used this case more than any of the others available since I purchased the iPad 2.  The complete review can be read here.  It can be purchased at www.zoogue.com for $ 49.99.

4. Kensington iPad Bluetooth Case:Kensington iPad Bluetooth Case for iPad/iPad 2

A great way to type longer documents more comfortably and faster.  This is a perfect size keyboard for typing longer messages or documents.  They keys aren’t too close together and have a nice spring after pressing them.  The case can be purchased at www.kensington.com for $ 99.

5. SaddleBack Leather iPad Case:SaddleBack Leather iPad/iPad 2 Case

The best way I know to describe this case is awesome, elegant, and Top quality.  The cases are a little more expensive than your average iPad case but well worth it.  Like the ad says, “They will fight over it when you’re dead.”  These cases are backed by a hundred year warranty.  That’s says it all.



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