CellHellmet Guarantees Protection For iPhone – Will Repair/Replace iPhone If Broken Inside

‘cellhelmet’ Guarantees Protection For iPhone – Will Repair/Replace iPhone If Broken Inside.

As an iPhone accessory retailer, I’ve heard many horror stories about shattered screens, broken buttons and rattled interiors.  The fact is, there has never been a case on the market, which can protect an iPhone from every drop and fall.  Even ‘military grade’ iPhone cases can be rendered useless, when standing against certain unforeseen accidents.  I see this as a problem – and this is why we created ‘cellhelmet.’Cellhelmet is the worlds first and only case to ever guarantee the iPhone 4/4s inside.  We’re so confident in our design, as slim as it may be, that we’re putting our name on the line.  If your iPhone 4/4S breaks inside of a cellhelmet – we’ll repair or replace it (if deemed unrepairable) – guaranteed.  This is all being done through our recently acquired contract with Global Warranty Group, one of the nations largest, longest standing and most recognized iPhone insurance administrators.In turn, cellhelmet is completely eliminating the need for monthly iPhone insurance premiums.  Stop paying an extra $ 10 a month for iPhone insurance – cellhelmet guarantees you protection, with the added benefits of a sleek and sexy case.  As long as you’re a resident of the United States or Canada, cellhelmet will cover your device.  And to top things off, cellhelmet coverage is available for new, used, unlocked & jailbroken iPhones.

We launched cellhelmet on Kickstarter.com a little over a week ago and it has since funded itself (30 days to go), for obvious reasons.  Cellhelmet will change the iPhone protection industry forever.  Check out the cellhelmet on Kickstarter, give us some feedback and help us spread the word.  Down with monthly iPhone insurance premiums!



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