NoCyfresh – Available Now For iOS 4 And iPhone 4


Loading up Cydia can be a bit of a bore, thanks to the task of refreshing which always seems to take an age to complete. Jailbroken iDevice owners will know the pain of refreshing well; sadly, it’s what keeps Cydia one step behind the lightning-fast App Store (for me, at least).

However, a new tweak which has just received iOS 4 and iPhone 4 compatibility can put an end to the Cydia refresh with ease. It’s called NoCyfresh, it’s free, and available in Cydia now!

You can find NoCyfresh in the following repository: Users can switch the toggle on or off through SBSettings, or in the Changes section of Cydia. We recommend that users of Cydia refresh as often as possible, as some package updates are essential.

If you decide to give NoCyfresh a try on your jailbroken iDevice, be sure to let us know how it works for you in the comments box below! And, thanks to iSpazio (Google Translate) for spotting this!


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