Top Source Claims: iPhone 5 To Have “4-inch Screen and Will Be Announced in June, 2012″

The iPhone 5 News Blog’s exclusive source has just told us today that the iPhone 5 will deliver on a bigger, 4-inch screen, a thinner form factor, and will be announced in June of 2012.

An anonymous source for a top consumer electronics accessories corporation confirmed to the iPhone 5 News Blog today that the iPhone 5 is indeed in the works, will feature an expanded, 4-inch screen, a thinner form factor, and will be announced in June of 2012 — ostensibly at the next World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC). The Blog received word that a credible tip was coming last night, and today we were told directly from our source: “It’s going to have a 4″ screen and will be announced in june2012. it will be thinner too… When I hear more, I’ll let you know.”

This is the same source that correctly informed the iPhone 5 News Blog in August of this year that the 2011 iPhone release would in fact be a refresh of the iPhone 4 and keep the same screen size and form factor. That claim was first revealed by our source on August 9th in this article, and then later reaffirmed on August 22nd, and again in the wake of the bogus Case-Mate iPhone 5 publicity stunt that sought to claim the case designer had insider knowledge of the iPhone 5′s new form factor design. In that last claim, our source called the Case-Mate leak “a hoax” and assured us that the next iPhone would be an iPhone 4 refresh.

Our source’s track record proves the veracity of his new claim: he was right about the iPhone 4S, and I believe that he is right about the iPhone 5.

Thinner iPhone 5 + Larger Screen + A6 Processor = More Battery Problems?

Should the iPhone 5 debut as our source is claiming, with a thinner profile, larger screen, and the up-coming A6 processor, should iPhone users be concerned with battery performance? A thinner form factor would mean a thinner battery, and a larger screen and more powerful chip would also place higher demands on the power supply.

And this doesn’t even take into consideration the 4G LTE rumors that claim the iPhone 5 will become Apple’s first 4G LTE smartphone.

It would stand to reason that if Apple intends to roll out a larger screen, thinner design, A6 chip, and 4G LTE on the iPhone 5, we are most likely looking at a revolutionary new battery design. Perhaps this is why Apple chose not to upgrade the battery on the iPhone 4S, keeping their new battery designs under wraps for the 2012 iPhone 5.


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