The Innovative Development of the Apple iPhone

When a new piece of technology is due to come out immanently, it creates a great sense of excitement and anticipation. At the moment, that focus is on Apple, due to the pending release of the new iPhone 5.

Due to come out in October of 2011, this new model of the much loved iPhone is greatly anticipated. When deciding on a new phone to buy, whether it is from a shop on the high-street, or via in online site such as O2, there is a lot to take into consideration. The newest models of a product are generally the first choice for anyone on the lookout for the latest gadget.

Believe it or not, the iPhone has only been around for a few years. The year 2007 marked the birth of this new and innovative device, and it swiftly grew in popularity. This brand was a significant factor in the rise of the touch-screen and Apple also set the trend of creating application stores.

Touch-screens make the lowly button phones unnecessary, reducing it to a mere matter of preference as to how you want to type on your device. Those to prefer touch-screens have a different experience than those who stick to a physical, button keypad.

In 2007, the iPhone was described by Steve Jobs as being “five years ahead of any other mobile phone”. This has indeed proved to be a very insightful statement, as the models continue to be developed and other brands seem to be playing catch-up. The great thing about the Apple brand is that they constantly update their products, ensuring that their image is kept modern and up to date.

The excitement created by the new version of the iPhone has come about as a result of this constant updating. Customers have seen the great developments in the last few years which Apple has come up with, and are expecting nothing less with the next new release.

iphone 5


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