Steve Jobs Leaves Behind Plans For 4 Years of iPhone Designs

steve jobs iphone 4sSteve Jobs may have passed away, but Apple’s former CEO and visionary made sure to leave behind plans and concepts for four years worth of new products, including new iPhones.

The sadness and grief surrounding Steve Jobs’ death still looms large in the wake of his passing on October 5th. It has been a complex series of emotions for Apple customers over the past week: the mixed feelings over the release of the iPhone 4S, together with the loss of Apple’s CEO and pioneer, have left hopeful iPhone 5 adopters in a state of bewilderment, having expected this week — and the weeks and months to come — to be filled with the fresh, new experiences of a groundbreaking new iPhone, with no sense that Steve Jobs would ever really die.

There is no doubt that Jobs’ death has cast a pall over the release of the iPhone 4S. We have yet to receive any reliable word about initial pre-sales, but it can be assumed that the “sticker shock” of getting the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5, together with Jobs’ passing, has undoubtedly had some effect on pre-orders. Anecdotally, we’ve seen it present on this blog’s comments.

While some are still contemplating whether they will invest in the iPhone 4S or not, still others are wondering what the future of the iPhone will be without Steve Jobs at the helm. If you are one of these people, fear not: Steve Jobs has left four years worth of plans for new Apple products — including new iPhone concepts.

In an article from the Mail, they explain that, “Despite knowing he was dying, Steve Jobs worked for more than a year on the products that he believed would safeguard the company’s future,” and that “Blueprints for new  iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBooks [are] in place” for four more generations of Apple’s groundbreaking products.


Obviously, there are no details to be had from these blueprints, which are most definitely vaulted away at Cupertino. But to know that perhaps as many as the next four iPhone models will have Steve Jobs’ fingerprints on them is incredibly reassuring — not only to investors, but to customers who believed in Jobs’ vision as well.

Another interesting revelation from the Mail article is that Jobs had “also been overseeing the development of the delayed iCloud project, which will allow Apple users to store their music, photos and other documents remotely and masterminding updated versions of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBooks, ensuring at least four years’ worth of products are in the pipeline, according to Apple sources.” There is no indication that Jobs was heavily invested in the iPhone 4S product, but rather iCloud, which suggests that Apple will continue to develop and enhance the Apple ecosphere in ways that we cannot even imagine.

Steve Jobs Loved You

While it may seem sentimental and over-sensational to say, Steve Jobs had a love and commitment for you, the Apple customer, that is almost hard to grasp. Facing his passing from this world, and knowing that his legacy as a great innovator and leader of industry was intact, J0bs still sought to steer the direction of Apple’s products even in death. What would his motivation had been for wanting to do this? It isn’t as if he felt he had to preserve Apple Inc. from the grave — the company is more successful and solvent now than it ever has been.

No, Steve Jobs’ motivation was purely based on a commitment to his customers, and sense that his products made a positive impact in peoples’ lives. Sales gurus will tell you that this is the only way you can be a successful salesperson — to believe that your products make a difference. There is no doubt that the iPhone has had such an impact; the passion for the device on this blog is a testament to that.

So, it should be reassuring to iPhone users that, for the foreseeable future, the next iPhones will still bear the creativity, commitment, and quality that Steve Jobs came to embody as an innovator and public figure.

Knowing that Steve Jobs has left behind four years worth of blueprints and concepts for the iPhone, what do you think that the iPhone in 2015 will be like?


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