Steve Jobs – A Look Back at The Master of Innovations

Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? He is known to be the man who was able to turn peoples’ dreams into reality. Steve Jobs had a charisma that equals that of the Pope, he was just as powerful as the political leaders that rule nations, and he drove Apple to success with his larger than life goals. He is known by many names, but to most people, he made communications and technology a whole lot easier, interactive, elegant, and fun.

Who said that gadgets are only meant to be used by geeks and dweebs? Steve Jobs with his penchant for inventions and innovations, made it possible to combine style and function into electronic devices. His inventions are now considered to be premiere appliances that perform their jobs splendidly. Everyone seems to have this dire need to own an iDevice. Whether it’s an iPod, iTouch, iPad or iPhone, everyone just yearns to have their hands on ground-breaking products that are high-tech and user-friendly.

Okay, so Steve Jobs technically didn’t hand these products to the public for free. It is worth remembering though that without his passion for advanced information technology, all the positive changes that Apple devices have made in the life of millions would never have been possible in the first place. How he made it to the pedestal was not a miracle or a stroke of luck. He made technological changes possible by working hard and being determined in every step of the way.

One of the greatest products that Steve Jobs unveiled was the iPhone. Everyone, even those Android fan boys, is seriously wishing to own this priced smart phone device as it looks good, feels good, and performs a great job not only as a communications device, but an all around technological gadget as well.

Before the untimely demise of Steve Jobs, he held the CEO position from 1997 until taking his leave in August 2011. He was responsible for many of the decision-making process in the formulation of the iPhone device. He made sure that all his ideas count and are well-represented in the design and functionality of each and every generation of iPhone. The release of the first-generation iPhone in 2007 made Steve Jobs a household name.

The ingenious design and craftsmanship is all from his beautiful mind. His inspiration was advanced-technology wrapped up neatly in a minimalist “Jobsian” form factor. He was a man who knew the importance of both functionality and style in order for a product to soar not only in sales, but in terms of authority as well. He had the right positive outlook in making all his visions a reality. He equipped Apple with well and capable designers, engineers, and scientists making it possible for him to release portable devices and computers that were unique, ingenious, and superior from products manufactured by other companies.

Steve Jobs have made sophisticated and breakthrough digital devices accessible and highly available to majority of Americans. Although iPhone and other iDevices are priced more expensively than that of Samsung, HTC and Ericson, Apple is known to be the pioneer when it comes to multi-touch and multi function technology.

Nothing beats Apple when it comes to being the company to initially formulate software and hardware applications that are cutting-edge and revolutionary. The utilization of Apps or applications wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Steve Job’s WebObjects, a program that he successfully made before Apple finally brought NeXT, a company that Jobs built after his first departure from Apple. WebObjects is the building block of several online programs which includes MobileMe, iTunes, and the Apple Store. His past and present ideas and visions became the future of Apple and made iPhone the ultimate communications and information device of the 21st century.

Steve Jobs isn’t all about showmanship and business. He had an enduring passion in the delivery of quality products to consumers. The policy and terms and agreement in every Apple purchase are testament that all of their products are useful, rich, and satisfying in one way or another. This is made apparent with the introduction of iOS upgrade technology. Regardless of whether you are using a first generation iPhone or the latest iPhone 4s, the functionality is basically the same across all versions if updated with the same iOS version. He was able to emphasize that advanced technology can be made useful even when it is incorporated in a rather old gadget. The beauty of the iPhone is not in its form factor, but in its functionality and all the applications that can be installed to make it optimized and highly useful to its users.

After the iPhone release, many companies have succeeded in their efforts of creating a smart phone with various features and qualities. However, nothing simply compares to the innovations that Steve Jobs came up with. He was a genius and he inspired millions of other smart and talented innovators to come up with their own electronic gadgets.

Without Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the communications and gadgets industry, there wouldn’t be any technological awakening right now. iPhone is undeniably a ground breaking multimedia and communications device that will forever be known as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. The iPhone 5 with its upcoming release in 2012 is a much-awaited item as Steve Jobs was known to have put his last, great efforts in making this latest iPhone version, the best multi tasking device to ever hit the market.


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