October 4th iPhone 5 Event Rumored To Be At Cupertino

Fresh rumors indicate that Apple will use its own headquarters in Cupertino to announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th, breaking a long-standing tradition of using other venues for its iPhone launches.

The October 4th iPhone 5 announcement date rumor has been to date the most widely-reported rumor of the entire iPhone 5 rumor mill, with all of the top mainstream media news sources reporting it as a reliable date. Everything about October 4th makes sense: it’s on a Tuesday, which is typically a great day of the week for press conferences, and its just after the expected completion of iOS 5, as well as the resetting of iCloud.

The only fly in the ointment was the fact that the Moscone Center — Apple’s usual venue for big product announcements — was booked that day.

The only way around this incongruity in the October 4th iPhone 5 announcement was rumor was either to go into conspiracy theory mode and assume Apple had booked the Moscone Center under some kind of pseudonym to keep the event hush-hush, or that Apple would break tradition and make the announcement elsewhere.

It seems that the latter will be Apple’s course of action.

All Things D is reporting that Apple will hold their press conference on Cupertino’s campus — an apple first for the iPhone. Writer John Paczkowski comments that “Sources close to the company say the demonstration — currently scheduled for Tuesday October 4, a date first reported by AllThingsD — will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.”

Given the fact that All Things D broke the October 4th story, it would stand to reason that this new information is coming from the same source.

It remains to be seen why Apple would have chosen their own headquarters this time around to announce a highly anticipated new product like the iPhone 5, considering that their own Town Hall Auditorium, while formidable, does not hold the same number of people as Moscone Center or Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. All Things D imagines that the choice could simply be a result of desiring a more intimate venue.

Another possibility is that the choice of October 4th, together with a more muted press conference at a smaller venue, may be more indication that this iPhone iteration might be an iPhone 4S or similarly iPhone 4-esque refresh.

At the very least, All Things D‘s new report helps to further solidify October 4th as the real deal for a new iPhone announcement.

By Michael Nace



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