New iPhone 5 Renderings Deliver On Larger Screen, Home Button

First iphone 5 rendering from Antonio De RosaDesigner Antonio De Rosa’s new iPhone 5 renderings offer a solid guess at what the next iPhone 5 could look like.

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is never lacking in renderings and mock-ups. And because the rumor mill has essentially been reset as a result of the iPhone 4S release in October, consumers won’t have to worry about renderings being passed off as real prototype sightings: everything we’ll see over the next few months will be nothing more than conceptual sketches from outside sources.

That being said, graphic designer Antonio de Rosa, who has posted some impressive renderings in the past for the iPhone 5, has just released a new batch of iPhone 5 renderings that are in keeping with Apple’s aesthetics while delivering on all of the top-tier rumored features for the next iPhone: larger screen, enhanced home button, and aluminum unibody.

Second iPhone 5 rendering from Antonio De RosaDe Rosa’s renderings are based on a 4.3-inch screen that is almost what you’d call “edge to edge,” as well as the elongated home button, which many believed would debut in 2011 and feature some kind of sophisticated gesture control upgrade. De Rosa also imagines the all-metal body to be of “unibody” construction, thanks to groundbreaking “LiquidMetal” technology, which many believe will also debut on the iPhone 5.

In spite of the smooth, sleek lines, some argue that De Rosa’s renderings for the iPhone 5 are too much in line with the latest batch of top-tier Android smartphones. MobileMag argues: “I don’t know about you, but the stretched out iPhone 5 is starting to look a fair bit like the Android superphones that are out there with their 4+ inch displays. Something like the HTC EVO 4G (sorta, but not really). The edge to edge display looks nice, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of that grey-ish curved back.”

Third iPhone 5 rendering from Antonio De RosaI tend to agree with MobileMag‘s general observation, particularly as it relates to the larger screen size on the iPhone 5. While many are calling for capacious new screen dimensions on the next iPhone, there’s no doubt that taking the iPhone 5′s screen size up to similar dimensions of the HTC EVO 4G and other Android smartphones will by default bring the design more in line with Android; a larger screen design will essence put to rest a design paradigm that has been quintessentially “iPhone” for years now. In this way, iPhone users calling for a 4+ inch screen better be ready for an iPhone that resembles more of an Android form factor.

Another interesting design characteristic of De Rosa’s renderings is the curved back. MobileMag comments, “. . . I’m not sure I’m a fan of that grey-ish curved back.” I, too, have misgivings about an overly curvacious back to the iPhone 5, which I have expounded on in another article. While the curved back might feel nicer in the palm of one’s hand, the balance and stability of a flat, square back is ultimately a more reliable design for today’s busy smartphone user.

All of this being said, De Rosa has effectively started the conversation again about what the iPhone 5 will look like, and how it might come to debut ner, groundbreaking features.


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