More iPhone 5 leaked images


iphone5 5 More iPhone 5 leaked images

As the release of a major new Apple product the iPhone 5 is nearing there is heated speculation with the device mock-ups. Now we have new set of iPhone 5 device mock-ups making the rounds that could be giving consumers a glimpse of what’s to come on the launch day.

MacRumors has recently commissioned a professional set of images based on leaked design specifications that are allegedly for the iPhone 5.These images line up with previous interpretations of the handset, and they also have Chinese manufacturers hard at work on producing new iPhone cases, as reported.

The design specifications give precise measurements of the device and shows portions that need to remain open for power, audio/video inputs and button controls.  As one can see in the images, specs call for a wide space near the bottom of the phone, which indicates that the home button could take up on a more horizontal and oval shape. The screen is also wider and the device itself has a tear-drop thickness with the bottom end of the phone being the sleekest part.

Presuming that the case design specifications are accurate, the commissioned images will look very similar to the final product. We are speculating that Apple may release the iPhone 5 by October 7th in the U.S. while its worldwide release by the end of the month.

iphone5 5 150x150 More iPhone 5 leaked images
iphone5 1 150x150 More iPhone 5 leaked images
iphone5 3 150x150 More iPhone 5 leaked images
iphone5 4 150x150 More iPhone 5 leaked images
iphone5 2 150x150 More iPhone 5 leaked images


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