Latest Anti-Fingerprint Technology for iPhone 5 ?

Aside from getting damaged by falling on a hard surface, fingerprints are the biggest enemy of the touch screen devices. Apple inc. has filed a new patent that shows a more efficient way of keeping fingerprints off from your i-device. This new method of keeping your fingerprints off your iPhone involves a procedure called PSD. The patent technology applies a process called Physical Vapor Desposition, is a special coating procedure that keeps the fingerprint oils off the iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The current coatings for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are not effective and lasts for a month but this new patent filed by Apple is apparently more effective in protecting the touch screen devices from smears. iphone5fingerprinttech thumb Latest Anti Fingerprint Technology for iPhone 5 ?

The Physical Vapor Desposition technology will reportedly protect your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch from fingerprints and avoid the need to constantly wipe out your device. This new technology coats the screens of your touch device with an oil resistant ‘oleophobic’ coating.

This technique applies thin films of vaporized materials onto i-device’s surface. This special coating comes in liquid form inside a pressurized bottle and is purged by an inert gas to avoid its contact with air, heat or humidity during the manufacturing process, before it is applies to the device’s surface.

It seems that unlike the most Apple patents, we might not have to wait for long to try this new technology as the French mobile network provider, Orange has already posted a job listing for an engineer who would be expected to work with Apple’s 5th gen iPhone. The job offer has been made available on the France Telecom Orange human resources website since last Thursday that specifically mentions that the job profile would include determining how the iPhone 5 would impact client’s internet use. Here’s what is mentioned at the website:

“one of the main issues is the definition, as precisely as possible, of what impact a handset like the iPhone 5 will have on clients’ internet use”.

Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, is expected to be launched in September 2011.

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