Is this iPhone 5? Unintentional design leak by Apple!

Apple has been after Samsung for intellectual property violations and has filed a complaint against Samsung in the Federal Court Australia.The documents presented in the court reveals that Apple is looking forward to ban the promotion of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia because it infringes 10 of its Australian patents. As a result the Australian court has banned the import of Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Now the recent reports revealed by some tech analysts suggest that Apple has unintentionally revealed the iPhone 5 case designs for its iPhone 5 in one of those patent application filed in Australia. According to an Australian tech site SmartHouse Apple has lodged a patent with IP Australia for its upcoming iPhone 5 Smartphone.

Since the patent named “hand held computing device” was filed 12 months after the launch of the iPhone 4, executives from IP Australia suggests that:

"It would be most unusual for any Company to lodge an application for a patent after the launch of a new  product."

iphone5 thumb Is this iPhone 5? Unintentional design leak by Apple!

According to the documents submitted on 28th June 2011 by the lawyers representing Apple Inc, Apple is seeking patent approval in Australia for its upcoming device described as ‘hand held computing device’. We think it may be iPhone 5.

The patent states that the new i-device is lighter and thinner than its predecessors and is being manufactured from a single sheet of metal.The patent application goes on describing the problems associated with the manufacture of the i-device. The patent application can be viewed here.

Well at the moment we are not 100% sure if this patent is specifically for the iPhone 5, there’s always a chance that this patent might be for some future iPhone, i.e iPhone 6 but since previous reports by some tech analysts has mentioned the possibility of similar features in iPhone 5. Who knows, we might be lucky enough to see this technology in September 2011 when iPhone 5 comes live.

iphone 5


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