iPhone 5 Thunderbolt Rumor Comes Rumbling Back

A new report resurrects rumors from last year that the iPhone 5 could feature a Thunderbolt port. Read how this rumor is coming back around again, and what it could mean for the iPhone 5.

So, it now appears that what came around will come back around, to tweak a cliché. We’ve proven that none of the feature-related iPhone 5 rumors in this new season appear to be anything new; just recycled rumors from 2011. That being said, some rumors are still more viable that others; slide-out keyboards and built-in bumper are outlandish, while a metal back and 4″ screen are certainly plausible.

A newly-recycled rumor is that Apple could equip this year’s iOS devices with the Thunderbolt port. Product Reviews reports that: “a separate report from PatentlyApple reveals that Apple has filed a collection of new patents related to their Thunderbolt port which you’ll be familiar with on newer Mac products. The patents suggest that Apple may have plans to include Thunderbolt ports on upcoming iOS devices which of course may or may not include the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Many consumers will see this as a logical step for Apple though. . .”

The addition of a Thunderbolt port on the iPhone is not a new rumor — Sven Rafferty deftly reported on the possibility here on the Blog back on April 9th, 2011, explaining in detail the reasoning and benefits to installing Thunderbolt on the iPhone: “What does all of this mean for the iPhone 5? In short — speed. By equipping the iPhone 5 with faster connectors like the Thunderbolt, we could be looking at lightning-fast sync times: syncing time could be cut in half or more in the upcoming iPhone 5 as well as the next iterations of iPods and iPads. Another possibility could be that users of the current and past iDevices would be able to tap into these faster connections and sync times simply by purchasing a new cable.”

Sven gives a faithful account of the benefits of Thunderbolt, but one also has to wonder if the Thunderbolt technology really fits into the cutting edge of synching. Much has already been said about OTA synchs and updates, and the move to completely untether the iPhone to a computer. Given this advancement, is Thunderbolt for the iPhone 5 an outmoded idea?

Regardless, it would seem that Thunderbolt technology could turn out to be a relatively easy feature to add onto the iPhone 5, in order to give Cupertno yet one more new addition to the 6th generation iPhone.

By Michael Nace



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