iPhone 5 Rumors – Upcoming Features to Expect in the iPhone 5

A lot of rumors have been circulating about the iPhone 5 device. Everyone assumed that Apple will be releasing their next-gen iPhone last October 4, 2011. However the company only released an updated version of the iPhone 4 known as the iPhone 4S. The main selling point of 4S is Siri, the “Assistant”, a program that aims to make peoples’ lives easier and create the most convenient and user—friendly smart phone experience that can only be expertly delivered by the pioneer in smart phone technology, Apple.

Despite the fact that the sales of iPhone 4S has been rather good since its release, many people are still anticipating for the release of iPhone 5. This latest iPhone generation is believed to be created by former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Many are speculating that Jobs postponed its release because there are still features that he wanted to add to iPhone 5 and at the same time, solve issues and flaws that are known to be common across all iPhone generations.

Bigger iPhone, Wider Screen

The iPhone 5 will most assuredly have a revamp in terms of its form factor. Many experts speculate that with Steve Jobs gone, they may be able to deviate from the 3.5’ screen and increase the width of the screen to 4”. This means that Apple designers need to an extra 0.8 mm to accommodate the 4’ screen feature. Although it is believed that when Jobs was still alive, he was hesitant in changing the size of the iPhone since expanding its dimensions will mean a change in the fragmentation of the software system inside. The designers may have to rethink the placement of various components inside in order to make it functional and smart.

However many fans are demanding for a wider screen after the second generation of iPhones were released. Competitors such as HTC and Samsung were able to surpass the 3.5’ screen mark and discover that they can create smart phones with wider screens with satisfactory resolution features as well. The pressure from Apple fanatics and the increase in sales of rivals may very well be the push that Apple needs in order to implement a 4’ screen on the next iPhone device.

Flatter, Thinner, and Lighter Phone

Despite the public’s obsession over wider touch-screen phones, they are also yearning for an iPhone 5 with slimmer form factor without being bulky and heavy. Since Apple is known to completely redesign the form factor of the iPhone 5, many experts are guessing that the designers just might look for a way to make the iPhone thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Portability is one thing that iPhone 5 will be addressing and satisfied customers will be glad to know that the thinner form factor will come in an aluminum-clad casing.

A shock-resistant casing is known to be a main feature of the iPhone 5. Rumors are also surfacing that the screen of iPhone 5 will be scratch resistant as well. This is great news for iPhone users who always utilize their smart phone. Knowing that your iPhone 5 is already equipped with protective features will obviously save users to cut down in the purchase of iPhone cases and protective accessories.

HD Resolution

Every other mobile phone company has their own HD smart phone models, expect for Apple. The company is utterly famous for its retina display. Many used to believe that what Apple offered was already the best and was more than enough for their satisfaction. And then came Samsung with their HD display and HTC with its 3D-enabled capturing feature.

Reliable sources say that since iPhone 5 will be getting wider screen, it would be more interesting and fun to add HD features to make the form factor over haul useful and enjoyable more than ever. Many Apple addicts believe that the iPhone 5 will boasts a 1440X800p HD resolution. This is a big leap from the standard 960X640 resolution of iPhone 4s and its predecessors.

Release Date

There are four probable periods as to when the iPhone 5 will hit the market. January may just be your lucky month as trusted sources speculate that Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, will unveil the new iPhone during the Macworld convention.

Another rumor is that the iPhone 5 will be released together with the iPad 3 on March 2012. Since both iDevices will contain a quad core processor, a lot of experts believe that Apple might be tempted to introduce both much awaited products at the same time.

There are also hearsays that Apple will be released during late summer. This coincides with the WWDC convention schedule and will most likely be the event where the new CEO, Tim Cook will introduce the last of the masterpieces of the former CEO.

If iPhone 5 isn’t released during late summer or during important technological events, it is most presumed that iPhone 5 will be unveiled exactly a year after the iPhone 4S release. The common denominator across all these iPhone 5 rumors is the fact that the much-awaited device will come out during the year 2012.

Longer Battery Life

Apple had always been struggling with one of the biggest flaws of iPhone- a not-so long battery life. Apple is working on this issue and installing a quad core processor on their iPhone 5 to try and minimize, if not eliminate this problem altogether.



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