iPhone 5 Release Rumors Coalesceing Around 2012 WWDC

More iPhone 5 release reports are swinging towards a June WWDC announcement. Is this a reasonable possibility, or a buzz builder by the media?

Immediately following the release of the iPhone 4S, the tech media went with the safe bet in speculating on the release of the iPhone 5 in 2012, assuming that it would come about a year after the iPhone 4S. While we reported very early that the iPhone 5 was more likely to get announced in June of 2012, the prevailing theory has continued to be that Fall would see the release of the iPhone 5. But a new round of articles today suggest that the tech media is beginning to rethink their logic.

Let’s start with MacRumors, who references a new analyst report “from Daiwa Securities that the iPhone 5 is expected to launch at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) to be held in June 2012.” In addition, Apple themselves already have June 11th to the 15th blocked out at the Moscone Cernter for a “corporate meeting,” which will ostensibly be the WWDC.

Going around the tech horn, IBT had this to say: “Historically, Apple chose Thursdays or Fridays to release iPhones and June 15 falls on Friday this year, which fuels the speculations about the expected release of the iPhone 5.” While Steve Jobs will not be announcing the iPhone 5 this year (unless he managed to record a message about the iPhone 5 last year that will be used posthumously in 2012), IBT’s reasoning here imagines one of Apple’s trademark “One More Thing” moments at the end of the WWDC.

Finally, Cult Of Mac stakes an interesting claim on the fact that the late iPhone 4S release is little more than an aberration in an otherwise reliable pattern of June-released iPhones: “The report isn’t a huge surprise to most, who didn’t expect the Cupertino company to make its October iPhone event a permanent fixture. Many reports circulating before the launch of the iPhone 4S last year claimed that 2010”s iPhone event was simply delayed so that the company could perfect its iPhone 5, which was postponed at the last minute and substituted for the iPhone 4S.”

As you can see, the tech media is building up some kind of consensus regarding a WWDC iPhone 5 release, albeit in a guarded manner. I have been writing about the iPhone 5 release date issue lately, making the point that the refreshed iPhone 4S would be justification enough for Apple to unveil the iPhone 5 sooner than 12 months after its release, but also note that, in order for the iPhone 5 release to be a reality in June, we will need to begin to see some actionable intelligence that mass production has begun in Asia. To be sure, the fact that Apple has blocked out the Moscone Center in mid June sounds promising, but just because we know that the WWDC is unofficially on the schedule for June still isn’t a “smoking gun” that the iPhone 5 is in the works.

Let’s keep an eye on the reports coming from DigiTimes and other Asian-based rumor sites over the next couple of months. Hopefully we’ll catch a few reliable reports of millions of iPhone 5 units being produced in the run-up to a big June release.

By Michael Nace



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