iPhone 5 Release Date – When Can You Expect to Get Your Hands on The iPhone 5?


One of the most anticipated events of 2012 is definitely the unveiling and eventual release date of the iPhone 5. A lot of people were disappointed when in, October 4, 2011 Apple came out with iPhone 4s instead, an updated version of iPhone 4. The iPhone 4s, despite all the new features including Siri, the Assistant, is not what a lot of Apple fans was expecting. Although half-disappointed with the release, gadget fanatics and techno geeks are still looking forward to something better for next year, the iPhone 5.

Although there really isn’t an official report coming from the Apple Office, various sources have leaked information on the probable release dates of the Apple iPhone 5. All point towards a 2012 launch, that which is most affirmative, since Apple is known to unveil their highly-valuable gadgets and computers on a yearly basis.

Steve Jobs may have passed away, but it is believed that the iPhone 5 is the last of his legacies. It is speculated that Jobs worked on designing and conceptualizing the iPhone 5 before his untimely demise. It is known that the iPhone 5 is Steve Jobs’ last masterpiece. It is due to this reason that experts believe that the iPhone 5 will be relatively more expensive and valuable than previous iPhone models or even those that will follow it.

January 2012

Macworld|iWorld is known to be a prestigious 4-day showcase of everything that runs in Apple Macintosh platform. This event consists of conferences and exhibits dedicated to both software and hardware innovations and developments for Apple devices and computers. Apple stopped participating in Macworld since 2009. Their absence since 2009 is presumed to be due to Steve Jobs medical condition. Steve Jobs was known to attend Macworld each year as it commemorates the Apple platform in general.

If sources are correct, the iPhone 5 will be unveiled during the January 2012 Macworld|iWorld convention during the second week of January 2012. This is if current Apple CEO Tim Cook decides to follow the footsteps of Jobs in sharing the latest Apple innovations in this yearly Macworld convention.

March 2012

It is known that iPad 1 and iPad 2 were released March 2010 and 2011 respectively. This trending makes it a probability that iPhone 5 just might be unveiled during the iPad 3 launching, which is speculated to be released March next year.

The March 2012 probable release date is six months after the iPhone 4s release, a sufficient amount of time for people to dispose of their iPhone 4s to switch to a better and more efficient iPhone 5. Although some people believe that it is least likely that iPhone 5 will be released around the same time as iPad 3, there are chances that a preview of its ground-breaking features will be provided during the iPad 3 release. If not a full unveiling will transpire in March, Apple fanatics will most likely have an idea of the awesome features the iPhone 5 may have just by simply looking at the features of ipad 3.

June 2012

The Word Wide Developers Conference may be the perfect event where Tim Cook will unveil the iPhone 5. In addition, the unveiling and launch dates of iDevices are too predictable. Most of the previous versions of iPhones were released during Summer. If Tim Cook follows the traditions that were set by Jobs, iPhone 5 just might hit the stores between the months of June and July.

It is also believed that Apple will announce that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G connectivity, one of the features that most iPhone users have been waiting for in a long time.

October 4, 2012

This is yet the most specific iPhone 5 release date, and at the same time the most grueling wait for most Apple iPhone fans. Waiting a full year for a new iPhone version is too much to handle for most gadget geeks, but this is mostly how Apple operates.

Depending on the sales of iPhone 4s, the latest month that they will be releasing iPhone 5 is October. It is rather true that Apple will not release their new iPhone version between the months of August and September, the period where spending is mostly dedicated to school-related expenses. Even Apple can’t compete during these months as most people allot their hard-earned money to tuition fees, and other related expenditures.

There’s just no clear answer as to when the iPhone 5 will be released to the public. The general public doesn’t even know how the new iPhone 5 looks like. Although there are leaks of iPhone 5 photos, there are still speculations that these are the same photo leaks before iPhone 4s was unveiled.

Apple seems to be all determined to keep the release date of iPhone 5 top secret. Suppliers of components and software for Apple have their very own assumptions as to when the iPhone 5 will be released. However their presumed dates are based highly on the dates of when their items are being ordered and delivered to Apple factories. It is believed that during transactions, release date and unveiling are neither disclosed to third-party agencies.

Only high-level executives and employees of Apple are known to be updated with the probable iPhone 5 launch date. Who knows? There may not be a solid release date until now, since trusted sources reported that iPhone 5 features and form factor are still on the works.



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