iphone 5 prototypes sent for carrier testing

A recent report revealed by Charles Arthur, tech editor at The Guardian, a well known UK publication states that Apple has sent its iphone 5 prototypes to the wireless carrier companies across the world for final testing before the device goes into mass production. The iphones are being sent in highly secured black boxes to ensure that no one gets a look inside before the Apple inc. unveils them. Arthur’s carrier sources claimed that Apple inc. has sent out the iphone 5 units to test for its compatibility and reliability on various networks.  iphone5 thumb1 iphone 5 prototypes sent for carrier testing

Arthur writes:

“The next iPhones go for their testing inside locked and sealed boxes so that the carriers can carry out checks on their network compatibility in their labs. It’s very high security, as you may guess my understanding is that barely anyone inside the carriers gets to open those boxes, and even when they do the hardware is encased in a dummy body which means there’s no clue to what the actual phone will do.”

Apple inc is very particular this time as it doesn’t want another Gizmodo incident. These “black boxes” are kept at high security and are rarely opened only by the senior staff. Since the main focus of the testing is to access the last-minute compatibility problems with the device’s connection to various networks and very few people are allowed to see the device itself or find out its functionality. Also, there is no proof of whether these black boxes actually contain iphone 5 but since the iphone 5 is rumored to appear this September, what else should we expect to be secretly packed by Apple. It must be the new iphone.. icon smile iphone 5 prototypes sent for carrier testing

The interesting part is that Arthur believes that the iphone 5 will be available in September rather than the recently rumored October as some techies reported. With the iphone 5 prototypes being sent for testing, Arthur claims that it will take only few weeks to get approved for mass production. In addition to this, he also believes that the iphone 5 will be delayed only if there is any manufacturing issues.

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