iphone 5 case designs leaked

As we previously reported that Appleā€™s next generation Smartphone, iphone 5 has been sent to AT&T labs for testing purpose. Now the latest reports by some concrete sources claim that the iphone 5 case designs has been leaked.  MobileFun, a UK-based blog has claimed to got hold on iphone 5 cases from a Chinese case manufacturer. The leaked cases have offered some useful clues to the design of the highly anticipated iphone 5. iPhone5 thumb iphone 5 case designs leaked

The case design clearly shows that the iphone 5 will not be simply an iphone 4 update in fact it bears a close resemblance to the iphone 3GS. The diagrams indicate a complete redesign not only from the iphone 4 but  possibly the redesign of the iphone since its original launch in 2007.

The leaked design indicates a major redesign with an edge-to-edge display that takes up almost the entire front of the i-device and a style curved back which appears more similar to the iPad 2. The reports also indicates a complete replacement of home button with an oval capacitive touch surface that is capable to interpret different gestures to help the user control the device as mentioned in my previous posts. The iphone 5 is also expected to feature a brand new operating system iOS 5 that Apple has recently announced at the WWDC conference at San Francisco on June 6. Furthermore, the circular hole in the case design looks to expose the Apple logo. The details also point to the completely redesigned antenna. The iPad also features a plastic Apple logo window that allows signals to pass through the back of the device.

Well though the above mentioned features seems pretty nice but most of us would prefer Apple not to take off the Home button. 


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