iOS 5 Update Tanking? iPhone 5 Release Date Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Apple’s most recent iOS 5 update for the iPhone 4S was meant to fix the battery issue. But with users complaining about how the update made their battery use worse, plus new reports that iOS 5 is causing SIM issues, the iPhone 5 release date cannot get here soon enough.

With tech pundits seemingly weighing either June or October 2012 as possible iPhone 5 release dates, it is appearing more and more that the release of the iPhone 5 cannot get here soon enough.

In spite of the fact that Apple enjoyed record sales of the iPhone 4S, and continues to see robust demand for their fifth generation iPhone, it would appear that a notable percentage of 4S users continue to be dogged by battery — and now SIM — issues associated with the latest iOS 5 update. According to, users are now reporting iPhone 4S SIM card issues as a result of the most recent iOS update: “According to reports on the net, the problem regarding the iPhone 4S SIM card occurs regardless of the telephone operator and prevents users from activating their phones once the SIM card is in the slot.”

While this most recent snafu is more annoying than devastating for most users, AT&T iPhone 4S users are experiencing a much more serious issue, since on AT&T iPhone 4S models “the SIM card is used to verify the user’s account and allow access to the device.”

This breaking development joins a recent report echoed by many in the tech community that the iOS 5.0.1 update, which was meant to fix the battery drain issue on the iPhone 4S, has actually led some users to see the battery performance decline instead of improve. According to KnowYourMobile, iOS 5.0.1 “doesn’t seem to have fixed everybody’s battery issues,” and that a 5.0.2 update is now very likely to be released sooner rather than later to hopefully fix the issue.

This isn’t good.

While iPhone 5′ers desperately wanted the iPhone 5 to be released in 2011, instead they have had to settle with the iPhone 4S, which, aside from the fact that it reconstituted the same screen and form factor as the iPhone 4, did indeed deliver on new features like Siri and improved camera hardware. But with quality and battery life now at issue with the iPhone 4S, as well as persistent rumors that the iPhone 5′s 2011 release was nixed at the last minute by Steve Jobs, pressure is once again beginning to build among the iPhone community for an iPhone 5 sooner rather than later.

If you’re weighing June versus October for the iPhone 5 release date, June is looking more and more likely.


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