iOS 5.1 Internals Point to March 9th Release

In development since November 2011, iOS 5.1 is due for release, and developers have found clues indicating that it will be March 9th. Will Apple roll out the iPad 3 on date as well?

We wrote in another article earlier last week that Apple could utilize its upcoming iOS 5.1 on the iPhone 5 this year, rather than releasing an overhauled iOS 6. Considering that iOS 5 has been in development since November, it would seem that Cupertino has invested a great deal of resources in the updated iOS 5, looking to vastly improve battery life of the iPhone 4S and tweak the user interface as well.

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Your Daily Mac are reporting that, thanks to clues uncovered in the iOS 5.1 beta internals, the date of March 9th has been divined: “The profiles that have been found by us are intended for operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland, and Sweden. By updating the profile on the iPhone, it will make sure that the network connection will work correctly after Apple releases iOS 5.1. The iOS updates are normally rolled out at the same time worldwide, so everyone should expect iOS 5.1 to become available next month.”

To be sure, the inclusion of a specific date in the iOS 5.1′s code would appear to be a compelling piece of evidence about its eventual release. But Your Daily Mac also stipulates: “However, the question remains if March 9 is also actually going to be the release date. We expect that Apple could release iOS 5.1 simultaneously with the announcement of the next-generation iPad, which will likely take place early next month. But these are all rumors and it is hard to give a more precise indication about the iOS 5.1 release date.”

You will recall that, with the iPad 2 announcement, the official release came quickly after its announcement. In this way, it isn’t impossible to imagine that Apple will unveil iOS 5.1 and the iPad 3 sometime before March 9th — such as February 29th or March 7th, as have been rumored — with March 9th being the actual drop date for both the new mobile operating system and iPad 3. Logically speaking, it would be unlikely that the GM of iOS 5.1 would be released after March 9th, since there would be no discernible reason why the new iOS would be turned on before it was made fully available to the public. iOS 5.1, after all, has most definitely been tested and retested on the iPhone 4S, and is ostensibly ready for launch.

Thus, this clue about iOS 5.1 could also turn out to be our best clue for the iPad 3 release date as well.

By Michael Nace


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