Invitation Day: iPhone 5 Announcement Speculation Intensifies

September 14th has become a new speculative line in the sand for iPhone 5 enthusiasts, with many expecting press invites to go out today for a media event next week.

Dawn in Cupertino, California. Apple’s PR team is waking up, taking showers, brushing teeth, swilling coffee — but are they planning on blasting out a host of press invitations today in preparation for an iPhone 5 announcement sometime next week?

Although there is absolutely no evidence to support this idea, September 14th quickly became the new D-day for big news about the iPhone 5, after two other missed opportunities at this year’s WWDC and the now infamous September 7th announcement date. Up until this point, the prognosticated iPhone dates have centered on anticipation of getting either the announcement of the iPhone 5 or otherwise the actual release. Today, however, marks a new strain of rumordom, wherein the media and its readership expects nothing more than news of press invites to an Apple-sponsored media event. That remains to be seen.

In addition to this day and development being nothing more than an educated guess, the only bit of ancillary evidence that September 14th means anything to Apple is the fact that one of their current Back to School promotions will end on the 20th, which would make next Tuesday or Wednesday a prime time to announce the iPhone 5, which we discussed in an earlier article. It could be argued however, that giving the press and heads-up today still doesn’t necessarily give them a wealth of time to set up for a Tuesday media event.


Another complicating factor is Sprint’s October 7th media event, which many believe to be the de facto announcement for the new Sprint iPhone 5. Some would argue that it would  make more sense for a Sprint announcement to come right on the heels of the official iPhone 5 announcement from Apple — not have weeks between Cupertino’s and Sprint’s announcements.

It can be argued that this new round of iPhone 5 announcement rumors (again — based entirely on speculation, with not even a purported leak to corroborate it) is yet a ratcheted-up new version of the rumor mongering machine that has dominated the iPhone 5 reportage.

I suppose by the end of the day we shall see.

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