Improvements, Enhancements, and Additions with the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is believed to be the last product of genius from Apple’s Steve Jobs. Many Apple fanatics were left disappointed when the company released iPhone 4s instead of the much awaited iPhone 5. The release of the newest version of iPhone in 2012 is inevitable. Apple is known to release their products yearly, making sure they deliver satisfaction to its millions of fans worldwide.

Despite the increased sales of iPhone 4s, it is believed that more people are actually holding to their money and still waiting for the much awaited iPhone 5. The iPhone 4s, although packed with a lot of cool features, the most awesome of which is Siri, still isn’t the ultimate smart phone that everyone was looking forward to. There are a lot of excitement and expectations with the unveiling of the iPhone 5. The newest generation of iPhone is expected to be unveiled between spring and summer of 2012. Production may start around June, and carriers namely AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint will most assuredly offer the iPhone 5 before 2012 ends.

So what are the expectations that the general public has with the iPhone 5? The answer to that is – A LOT. Here are just a couple of features that the iPhone 4s has, but are known to change and improve when the iPhone 5 is finally unveiled next year:

Screen Size

The iPhone 4S features a 3.5” screen, obviously no different when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Apple is known to be pioneer in multi-touch technology and is expected to push further and increase the screen size in order to compete with Android-run smart phones such as HTC, Samsung, and Nexxus. Majority of smart phone users now think that a bigger screen presents more functionality and adds aesthetic appeal as well.

The iPhone 5 is expected to sport a 4” inch screen, not an impossible feat, considering that they only need to adjust the screen size and not the size of the iPhone itself. In addition, adding half an inch to the current size will substantially provide a more appealing look to iPhone 5.

Screen Resolution

The iPhone 4S boasts a 960X640p retina display resolution, not bad considering that this is squeezed in a 3.5” screen. But then again, the technological innovations from Samsung and other smart phone manufacturers have made HD resolution a possibility. Since most electronic products in the market today utilize the HD technology. It is probably about time that Apple adapts and incorporates this technology into the iPhone 5 handset.

A 1440X800p HD resolution will be a delight, especially to those who use the iPhone often as a browsing and entertainment device as well. The high resolution will certainly be a breath of fresh air from the retina display that earlier iPhone versions feature.


The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are testaments of the power and efficiency of Apple’s A5 processor. The dual core technology of A5 allows people to browse the Internet and utilize and switch between apps without having to wait a long time. The efficiency of the A5 comes with a price. The battery life of both iPad 2 and iPhone 4s is severely compromised. Users are forced to charge their phones more often, making it energy-inefficient and prone to damage.

The designers from Apple are said to be developing a quad core processor, that which will be dubbed as the A6 processor. In the hopes of solving the battery life issue of the A5 dual core processor, geniuses from Apple are pondering on installing a quad core instead to facilitate and enable longer battery life. The speed and power will undeniably be better than that of the A5 found in iPhone 4s, thus making the iPhone 5 the fastest and most efficient smart phone in the market.

Home Button

The iPhone 4s follows the same sleek and square design of the iPhone 4. In short, nothing really changed in the design and form factor of iPhone 4s from its predecessor, thus making it a rather weak product from Apple. The additional features are great, but the WOW factor wasn’t just there when they finally unveiled it last October 4. Almost all Apple fans were wishing for a sleeker, thinner, and lighter iPhone, but those attributes are not present in iPhone 4s.

The yet-to-be-released iPhone 5 is speculated to sport a bigger screen and many experts say that the iconic Home button may be eliminated altogether. This is a rather big change when it comes to the appearance of the iPhone. So far, devices such as the iTouch, iPad, and iPhone all have a Home button. Eliminating this from the design for iPhone 5 will definitely make it a whole new gadget. There are also speculations that the iPhone 5 may feature a physical keyboard, much like that which can be seen in Blackberry Torch 9800, but minus the sliding keyboard design of course. Another design for the iPhone 5 was leaked and showed a rather wider, elongated home button that will enable users to make right and left gestures easier with their fingers, much like the navigation button that can be found in Blackberry smart phones.

FaceTime Over Cellular Network

FaceTime is an application in iPhone 4s that enables users to consolidate all contact information under one contact name. Provided that your family and friends are using iDevices equipped with FaceTime as well and utilizes Wi-fi to connect to the Internet, FaceTime is known to be the most convenient way of video calling with your loved ones. Yes, iPhone 4s have FaceTime features as well, but it would be fun if local carriers would enable users to use FaceTime instead of contacting people using the network. Of course, this feature rather defeats the purpose of applying to a local network carrier. However there are carriers that allow this capability currently, but are still rather limited.

Apple fans are hoping that the new iPhone 5 with its’ updated iOS version can enable FaceTime calling over cellular network without any restrictions or limitations. There will be a lot of benefits when this feature is made possible and approved by Apple and its official local carriers.


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